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My son likes poetry. Since birth. I do not. Not just the New Kid On The Block and Where The Sidewalk Ends. Garden Verse with Stevenson, Emerson, Poe. It puts me to sleep before him. It actually took me two years to completely understand and speak The Maldive Shark fluidly. Some of them I dread him asking for. Rossetti is one of them. Until...
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This Is Your Brain On Kat.

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Jekyll & Hyde Day 12 of My Twelve Days of Xmas Giveaway. Who would you want to be if you could do a shoot as that person? I got a variety of answers! Carrie Underwood Lady Gaga Michael Jackson Wonder Woman Jessica Rabbit and more. But Katie won the session. Katie wanted to be Kat. Kat Von D I did a little research. Black, black, black a...
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SURPRISE!!!! Well Kinda!

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Elijah contacted me two months ago well before Mother's Day. "Tree do you think I can purchase a session for Emmy and Eden? What do you think she would like?" He was going to keep it a surprise but some women want to actually prepare for these things. LOL So after a day of pampering Emmy and Eden spent part of their Saturday in a field with me....
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Music To My Ears

May 09, 2018  •  1 Comment
Winter is Strong. Winter is Beautiful. Winter is Fearless. Winter is also the slender reed of a girl I have been photographing since she was one. At the moment I am trying not to get whacked in the face by branches as she leads the way through the park. She has spotted a part of the park she wants to photograph in. So of course I listen to th...
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Book It! Part Eleven - The Week Before

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Week of Prep- I usually contact the bride and groom at the start of the week to see if there is any drama or changes to the timeline I should know of. I had one bride who just never got back to me about anything. The morning of her wedding I finally texted her. "So I show up at two at Lake Heron for your ceremony?" She immediately got back to m...
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