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"Tree do you think I can purchase a session for Emmy and Eden? What do you think she would like?"

He was going to keep it a surprise but some women want to actually prepare for these things. LOL

So after a day of pampering Emmy and Eden spent part of their Saturday in a field with me.

Singing, having tea and cookies and slightly praying the heavens didn't open up and drench us.

Eden is at one of the tougher ages to shoot.

18 month olds do not stop moving and aren't old enough to follow directives for long.

But with a shoot like this it doesn't matter.

The only thing you are trying to capture is the relationship between Mother and Daughter and how they interact.

I am not trying to get her sitting in a chair, looking straight at the camera and smiling.


I got something much better.

Her plucking dandelions and giving them to Mom.

Finding out Mom is wearing jewelry and trying to take it.

Walking down the path and exploring while still being safe and holding Mom's hand.

Making Mom think she was going to share a bite of her cookie and changing her mind and popping it all in her mouth at the last minute.

Why do I love these sessions so much?

Because Mom's are usually the ones taking the photos.

If they are even in the picture it is usually an arms length selfie that does not do them or their connection with their child justice.

So Significant Others out their take notice.

This is not just for Mother's Day.

This is year round love that needs to be captured.

Mommy & Me 2018-2Mommy & Me 2018-2

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Music To My Ears http://www.happylittletreephotography.com/blog/2018/5/music-to-my-ears Winter is Strong.

Winter is Beautiful.

Winter is Fearless.

Winter is also the slender reed of a girl I have been photographing since she was one.

At the moment I am trying not to get whacked in the face by branches as she leads the way through the park.

She has spotted a part of the park she wants to photograph in.

So of course I listen to the seven year old on where to shoot.

She is really the one running the show. Not me.

As she plows on ahead through the thorny brush she starts humming.

Hmmmm I know that from somewhere.

After a minute she starts scatting.


For those of you that don't know Scat is like a crazy mix of onomatopoeia vocalized that sounds like it's own instrument. Think Louie Armstrong.

As I'm listening it hits me like a flash to my childhood.

I had that album.

I turn to her mother.

"Who taught her the scat to Minnie The Moocher?!!!!!"

Her Mom laughed, "Well she has an awesome music teacher."


I would like to thank her music teacher Mrs. English, 

for making my heart happy in the knowledge that out there is a little will of the wisp of a girl singing Cab Calloway instead of Kid's Bop.

Winter 7yr-121Winter 7yr-121

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Book It! Part Eleven - The Week Before http://www.happylittletreephotography.com/blog/2018/4/book-it-part-eleven---the-week-before Week of Prep-

I usually contact the bride and groom at the start of the week to see if there is any drama or changes to the timeline I should know of. 


I had one bride who just never got back to me about anything. The morning of her wedding I finally texted her. "So I show up at two at Lake Heron for your ceremony?" She immediately got back to me. "OH God no! We moved our wedding months ago to Blue Lake an hour away.” This is why communication is important.


Wedding is Saturday? Do not get your bags together Friday do it on Thursday. This gives you a whole day for if something is wrong to fix it. Your main lens won’t focus? You have a whole day to rent one or find someone to loan one to you. Where as if you are doing it late Friday night or the morning of you are screwed with time.


Go through your gear, make sure it is clean, functioning and you have backups of everything. Have it already to go. I put coordinates in GPS, my phone and also do a paper print out of directions and address and phone numbers. I can not tell you how many times on cloudy days gps had failed and paper directions have saved the day. I also make sure any assistants or second shooters have copies as well.


I had a wedding with a young lady as my assistant. I was two hours away in a small town shooting a wedding. Her job for the day was really to drive my car to the reception and man a Photo Booth that was a backdrop and a box of props. After the wedding I hopped on the party bus and she took my car. I left my phone on the bus while the bridal party and I were living it up in a field. Hop on the bus an hour had gone by and see twenty call to my phone. I call her back. She has been driving around in circles and can not find the place. She is screaming and crying hysterically at this point. I try to talk her down and give her directions. I hand the phone to a grooms men who tries to give her directions. After twenty minutes of trying to tell her how to get there. She texts me and says her boyfriend is driving out to come get her, she is leaving my car a half hour away with the doors unlocked and the keys in it. Luckily no one stole my car or my backup gear in it. I had to refund my couple the money they paid for a Photo Booth. I stayed until the very end of the night and made sure to captured extra fun shots to make up for this. We were in a small town in the middle of nowhere with no taxis. A generous bridesmaid and groomsmen took the half hour out of their long day to drive me to the town she left my car at. I gave them a free family photoshoot and am still friends with them to this day. When I later tel this story people immediately think to side with me and feel bad but I was not a good boss and should of had her prepped including a directions print out of all information.


You should also pack snacks and water. You will need them. You often don’t have time to eat until everyone is served at the reception except to steal in a granola bar here and there. These are long days and you do not want to pass out. There are also times when even though you discussed it you are not fed at the venue and have to make due.


Clothes- I usually wear all black or gray. The material is durable, needs to be easy to wipe dust and dirty off of. Most churches are really dusty. It needs to be clean, no tears and long enough to cover plumbers crack and high enough that you are not giving the groomsmen a show. This can be tricker then you think. You might think your breasts are covered but then you camera strap swings down exposing a whole boob. I love pants because then you don’t have to worry about the wind blowing your skirt up. During hot summers I do love a skirt but I do recommend shorts underneath. If it is a hot summer I know a lot of people and I even recommend it to bridesmaids and bride that you but deodorant on your thighs, no rash, sweat and grossness. I try not to wear jewelry or anything a kid or my camera can catch on and break. i do wear a watch so that it does not look like I am constantly looking at my phone for time. Comfortable sneakers are a must, there is not much off your feet time.  I really to believe you should fade into the background.


I once showed up to a Catholic wedding and the videographer was wearing combat boots, a tutu, and cotton candy pink hair. I actually liked her look and she was a good videographer, but people looked at her more then the bride and it was like a neon sign moving about the church and actually distracting during the ceremony. I believe in showing off your personality but I believe even more that this day is not about you and you should shoot for a neutral look like a guest not an attraction.


You should also keep extra clothes in your car incase you split a seam, fall in some mud or there was that lovely time my assistant showed up to a wedding in khaki shorts and a tank top so I had her change into one of my backup dresses.


Emergency Bag-

I use to carry a tackle box that had everything I thought might come in handy for the couple: double sided tape, pens, deodorant, wisp tooth brushes, a sewing kit and more. It rescued many a wedding but I had a bridesmaid walk off with it. After that I paired it down to the essential emergency items that were always used and keep them in my shooting bag. 


What in the bag!

I use to use a slingback bag but it didn’t have enough room. I now use a Think Tank Streetwalker Pro. Durable, lightweight, breathable. I like to be able to keep my bag on my back because sometimes we are moving fast across a field and I do not want to have to go back a lugg along a rolling bag. I actually pack lighter then a lot of wedding photographers.


In the bag (at least):


2 camera bodies- 2 zoom, 2 prime lenses, 8 camera batteries, 2 battery chargers, shooting cards in a weatherproof case (compact and sd), a set of macro filters, 2 flashes, 2 transmitters, gel pack, extra sync cords, rain sleeve, hot shoe video light, triple and double A batteries, loose cash, swiss army knife, scissors, pens, smarties, extra directions and numbers papers, tape light stand umbrella. reflector kept in car. On some occasions my card reader and laptop with an iPad.


Lets go through the what and why of each item.


2 camera bodies- you need at least two, you always need a backup it is not a matter of if but when a camera body will stop working at a wedding. I use Canon but am thinking of switching to Sony. I have not been happy with the shadow recovery and low light focus on Canon. I did look at Nikon and enjoyed the quality but not the camera design on button placement with the way I shoot.


I was shooting a wedding the next town over from my home. We did first look and I just snapped the last family formal shot when my camera came up with Error 99. It was 45 minutes until the wedding. I tried new batteries, lenses, cleaning it, turning it on and off, calling the local camera shop and calling my friends to see if anyone could drive me out a camera, all no help. i drove down the street crying and screaming like a maniac to the local Walmart. I had just enough money in my account to buy a Rebel camera body. I did and dove like the wind back to the church. The ceremony started 15 minutes late and the Bride's Dad was pretty sure I was a psycho on the verge of a heart attack but the rest of the day went by ok. I lucked out. It could have been far worse. I have never shot another wedding without a backup.


In fact I was shooting a wedding a few years later and was doing portraits in the church before the ceremony when my camera stopped working. My second shooter actually panicked and started freaking out saying, “What are you going to do?” I laughed and grabbed my backup from my bag. She breathed a sigh of relief and said she did not have a backup. It was the last time I used her. Ideally you should have 3 or even four because shit definitely happens.


Your camera bodies should be professional calibar with high iso range. Why? Because you can't reshoot and you get into some crazy spots. Almost all churches will tell you no flash no matter how dark they are.


I had a bride who moved her wedding date and I was not available. I called a friend who was open.  Two weeks after the Bride’s wedding she came to me and said, “Oh everything went great but is there anyway I could fix these images for her." The church said no flash. She was shooting with a Canon Rebel in Automatic mode. The iso did not go anywhere near as high as it needed to and in automatic mode it was trying to figure out light not movement. Every single ceremony shot was completely blurry and unfixable.


New Years Eve Wedding- gorgeous light and church all day, until sun set at 6pm. The ceremony was at 6:30pm. No flash and literally one tiny penlight at the front of the church, one of the darkest shoots ever. Even with my lens opened up to 2.0 my Mark II could not go high enough at 6400 iso. I had to pick up my Mark III and shoot the entire ceremony at 12,800 iso. I would have been screwed if I did not have professional gear.


You should always test your cameras out and get to know them before actual paying clients so you know what you are doing. Give yourself homework practice on friends. Something as simple as putting on the camera strap. I remember i opened up my new Mark II at a beautiful stone floor church. Did not take the time to set it uo as I should of before my client's big day. Put the strap on it, stood up and that beautiful new camera slid off the strap and hit that hard stone floor and slid. Extremely embarrassing and I deserved it, luckily the camera was ok but it was really dumb luck!


Lenses- You need fast lenses that can shoot at lower apertures and backup ones. I usually shoot with a 24 to 124 F4 L series lenses and 50mm prime. Why these? Well I would have the Zoom on my camera because it only goes down to F4. I forget to move up the 2.8 to 5.6 for family photos and have an entirely blurry back row of people. I love the beautiful Bokeh (blurry background) so I would shoot with a 50mm 1.4 for a lot of the getting ready. You really do need the 70-200 2.8  series lenses for when I was going to be in a church that would not let me near the front. This lense is actually the favorite of almost all wedding photographers. It is fast and has beautiful compression on the background. I bought a cheaper knock off Tamron for 800 instead of the 2 grand L series from Canon and I ended up selling it off because it was nowhere near as good.


Some people keep the lens hoods on to prevent flare and from anything touching the glass. I do not. I did put a protective filter on the from the startand call it good.


prime or zoom-

Some photogs would buy the 24-70 and the 70-200 and call it a day. Others would buy a 35, 50, 85, and 100 prime lenses and be happy. iIdo not like having to switch out my lens so I did not want to go the just prime route. I also love my shallow depth of field so I wanted prime. I discovered from looking at the meta data on my zoom photos that 90 percent of the time I was at the 50 mm mark anyway. So I would shoot with two cameras on my hips like an old west gun slinger, one zoom and one 50mm. This way when I need that wide gorgeous shot with the trees and sky I did not have to change lenses just grab the other camera on my hip then I could go back to my 50mm. 


Speaking of gunslinging your camera strap is important. Do not wear your camera around your neck. You will do permanent damage to the vertebrae there. If you can not afford a new strap yet wear it diagonal slung across your chest off your shoulder. Black Rapid and Money Makers make great camera strap systems. I did try out a handstrap but I can’t tell you how many times in my job I have had to just drop my camera to hang while I catch something a kid threw or give my bride my hands for help.


Video light- small compact, great for lighting details and cake also fun dancing shots.


Camera batteries- why 8? they go bad, don’t charge fully, run down quicker when shooting video like I do, or second shooters might need one, cold weather drains them. My no name brand ones died a lot quicker then my Canon ones but it is the difference between spending 60 dollars and 200. The extra chargers should be opbivious as a just in case. I have also have had wedding guests who are so upset because their camera battery died and I let them use my charger and they are grateful. One year alone I let batteries charging at 6 different venues and they were gone by the time I went back the next day for them. 6x200 for batteries and 6x50 for chargers and you have a $1500 mistake that year. This is why I love my Think Tank bag. At the end of the night when I open it up if there is an empty space I know I am missing something and grab it before heading out the door.


Shooting Cards- My camera uses Compact Flash cards, you will notice that in the above I mentioned I always carry SD cards as well. Just in case my second shooter needs one or sometimes the Mother of the Bride's camera ran out of memory and I will loan her one. My Mark III backs up to a compact flash card and an SD card which is great in case one fails!


The Compact flash cards are 3 times more expensive then SD cards. I do feel it is a lot easier to break and damage an SD Card. i have tried to save money by purchasing knock off brand cards and I have had a range of issues with different brands from, freezing to not being able to write the files fast enough, to corrupt files. i fully believe in Lexor and Sans Disk this is not something you want to take a chance with.


A strong durable case is important. When I use one card I put it in the case backwards as a signal that that card is used so my second shooter knows and so I don’t reach for it and reformat it. All of my cards are reformatted and ready before shooting. If I am working on a wedding I will not use those compact flash cards and will not reformat them until the wedding is out and approved of by the bride just in case something happens.


Macro filters- I love details shots but did not want to lug around an expensive macro lens for just a few detail shots. I bought a 10 dollar filter set off of Amazon that screws onto my 50mm and I love how easy is is to use and how little room it takes up.


Flashes- As always you need more then one for a backup and good light. I carry a transmitter for off camera flash for backlit shots. I spent 400 on a set of Pocket Wizards and was having problems with misfiring and humidity. I spent a 100 on a Phottix transmitter and have not had a problem since. I know a lot of photographers that like to spend the money on more expensive transmitters so they are able to change the flash setting remotely. I don’t feel the need to. Sync cords go bad so always have extra and I can’t tell you how many times groomsmen have borrowed them to hook their iPhone playlists up to the party bus. I also carry a small pack of gels so I can turn my flash a tungsten color to match the reception hall lights. Modifiers- there are so many out there from Gary Fong to MagMod. Everyone swears by something different try them out and find your fav. I like the Rogue benders, light portable and easy.


Rain sleeve- It is basically a big plastic bag with a draw string but you never know.

I was shooting a wedding at a field next to the Bride’s Grandmother’s house. Ten minutes before the wedding it starts sprinkling. The Bride looks up says “We are doing this,.” I slap my sleeve on and shoot the ceremony. 


Triple and Double AA batteries- lots! Flashes and transmitters take up a lot of batteries. I tried using rechargeable and bought several kinds from Energizer to Enloop but none worked well or stayed charged well so I went back to using regular batteries. There are different kinds of battery packs you can us but I have not had much success with them either.


Scissors, masking tape, pens, a permanent marker.

Scissors are a life saver and used none stop for things such as cutting tags off of Bridesmaids' dresses. Same with masking tape. I can’t tell you how many times my Swiss army knife has rescued a bottle of wine. I had an eloping couple have their wedding on the covered bridge from the movie Bridges of Madison County. So many couples signed the inside of the bridge. My groom was sad he had nothing to sign their names with until I pulled my trusty permanent marker out of my bag. Do you know how many times I have pulled out a pen for the marriage license to be signed? Such small things but they go a long way to making the day smoother and easier for your couples and they will remember your help.


Smarties- small colorless, easily concealed in the mouth, does not crush like cheerios and an instant easy bribe for kids!


Extra info papers for second shooters or bridal party or anyone else that needs one. 


Light stand and umbrella- The umbrella is usually only ever taken out for family formals and the stand for off camera flash and back lighting.


Loose change- parking meeting, tipping valets and bartenders, unexpected toll booths, dollar dance so many reasons to need money.


Wooden Hanger- because half the time their beautiful expensive wedding dress is on a cheap plastic hanger that looks like crap in photos.


Well that is the week before prep in a nutshell! Sure there is something I forgot! Comment Below if you think of something!

EA Wedding-398EA Wedding-398

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Life Edited http://www.happylittletreephotography.com/blog/2018/4/life-edited I usually am pretty proud of my little slideshows.

I can take a 15 hour day of shooting a wedding, condense it down to 3 minutes and feel like I captured it.

This is the first time I can truly say my slideshow is a lie.

I stopped shooting births since my daughter moved out of the house.

I can no longer just pack up and leave in the middle of the night and not have to worry about someone watching Flynn.

But when certain clients call you just say yes.

I had shot Brooke's Engagement, Wedding, 3 Maternity and Five Years of kids growing.

Oh and also the Births of her two other children.

So I can't say no right?

And start this third baby off with last child syndrome? No way! LOL

I watch the slideshow from last Thursday's events and it looks just like her other two children's slideshows.

Nervous waiting, Price Is Right, Pushing, Baby, Bath, Snuggles, Family.

Except I feel like it is a lie.

I have shot quite a few births, as well as having done it twice myself.

There was so much more going on then in the photos and it is not my story to tell.

I will just say this.

After witnessing Brooke's third child born I am convinced that not only is she Super Woman but that she is far stronger then I will ever be.

That she could quit possibly do Iron Man and Ninja Warrior at the same time and still come out the other side smiling and with her hair looking great.

To the beautiful little Fallon Gloria Hughes who I had privilege of documenting entering this world WELCOME!

You are already so loved!

In fact I am not sure your big sister has stopped hugging you yet and I know you have a Momma that will fight for you!


Fallon Birth-243Fallon Birth-243 Fallon Birth-375 copyFallon Birth-375 copy Fallon Birth-458Fallon Birth-458

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STD........ http://www.happylittletreephotography.com/blog/2018/3/std So here's a story for ya!

In my world STD usually stands for Save The Date.

Not this week!

Many of my clients are use to me babbling during sessions and have heard the story of my little mutant.

Flynn has a genetic mutation that cause not only missing teeth but they are shaped in sharp points like shark teeth.

Two of his front teeth are also missing which bring his long incisors to the front.

It really does add to the whole creepy leprechaun look.

Well my little mutant starts kindergarten in the fall.

We took him for his check up at the doctor's office.

Got his shots, eyes checked, ears checked. One healthy little boy.

I brought home his paperwork that I would have to give to the school.

I never read it. I was there. I know what it says.

As I tossed the papers on the table I noticed that under teeth it had a term I had not seen before.


At that moment my little sister called me.

"Hey Tree I have a friend whose child might have the same thing as Flynn. What is it called?"

I have never been able to pronounce the long a** name that his dentist calls it. So I figured Hutchinsons must be the short name for it since it was on his medical file.

"uh Tina it's called Hutchinsons."

A day goes by and my sister calls me back.

"uh Tree do you wanna talk?"

"Sure."   Eye roll we talk every morning.

"So you're ok?"

"Yeah why what's up?"

"Well it's just this whole Hutchinsons thing."

"Tina it's no big deal Flynn will need braces when he's older."

"Well the whole syphilis thing."

WAIT WHAT!!!!!!!!

I typed in Hutchinsons as fast as I could.

Turns out it is a teeth mutation also.................but it is caused by your mother having syphilis.

I called my dentist got the correct name and spelling for Flynn's mutation and have never driven to the doctor's office so fast.

I tried to keep my voice low why explaining at the front desk surrounded by waiting kids with their parents that yes indeed I did not have syphilis, never have, and there was a mistake on the chart.

My husband called me on my way home.

"So did you get your syphilis taken care of."

"Har har har very funny. Wait aren't you at the office? You turn around right now and tell all of your coworkers I do not have syphilis!!!"

I have a feeling that I have many years of bad jokes to come.

Flynn Imp-17Flynn Imp-17




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Fairies, Satyrs and Imps http://www.happylittletreephotography.com/blog/2018/3/fairies-satyrs-and-imps Last November my spawn was sitting beside me helping edit images.

As a side note when he does this quite a few of you end up with butterflies on your faces. These never make it into your galleries.

My Facebook pinged.

As I was typing a message my son was scrolling through my feed.

"WOW Mom! Look at that photo! That is an incredible photographer! Can I do that?"

The images he was looking at were from another local photographer offering fairy sessions.

I was not going to say no to him but:

A) He was calling another photographer incredible. Which made me jealous.

B) It was November and I am in the middle of the holiday photo-everyone-call-at-the-last-minute-to-try-and-get-the-entire-family-in craziness.

C) It was $250. Yes this photographer is worth it but we just got done paying for expensive college books with Thanksgiving and Xmas coming up.

D) His Mother is a photographer.

Photography is just like any other art.

Asking Picasso to paint like Caravaggio would be crazy.

I am not great with photoshop. I can edit skin and fly away hair, but making a magical scene look real was not in my wheel house.

I looked out the window.

The sun had almost set. 

We had maybe ten minutes tops before darkness. It was 45 degrees out.

This was my fault. I taught the boy to read and I have a love of A MidSummer Night's Dream.

I grabbed his hand and ran out the door with my camera.

We tromped through the park across the street for five minutes. 

He followed absolutely none of my directions which is why you don't photograph your own kids.

It was frustrating.

We got the shots and they sat on my computer for months.

I don't like to post a lot of personal work when I have client editing to do.

I finally opened up the files and Flynn helped me edit them, picking out which photos and what wings to use.

He loved them. I loved them. They were not what I had envisioned but they did seem to capture his mischievous side.

I was very happy. I do not photograph my own kids enough and I know I will regret that.

Last week I sat at lunch with my friend. I asked, "Did you see the Imp photos of Flynn? I......."

My lunch companion did not even let me finish.


"Oh well I posted them...."

"No I mean no I refuse to even look at them. That is the stupidest thing I have ever seen. Why would you even bother."

At this point I can tell you my mouth was hanging open in surprise and I was at a loss for words.

Not only surprised, I was a little hurt.

Yes they weren't your typical stand here and pose photos. Yes he wanted wings that some might consider a "girly" thing, but I really felt that if you looked at them you saw my son's personality and I love my son's crazy personality.

I feel bad that I did not have a response back.

I am still not sure what I would of said.

If I had a time machine or another chance that this is said again, what should I say?

What is a well mannered, educational response that will make another personal change their mind with feeling attacked or wrong?

Flynn Imp-8 copyFlynn Imp-8 copy Flynn Imp-5 copyFlynn Imp-5 copy Flynn Imp-6 copyFlynn Imp-6 copy



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Under The Weather http://www.happylittletreephotography.com/blog/2018/3/under-the-weather Last weekend I got to see so many happy familiar faces and many new ones as well!

They were all happy because they were holding cute fuzzy bunnies not because they got to see me.

Bunnies are some of the easiest sessions I ever do.

Everyone is happy.

The kids get to wear their Easter clothes more then once which makes Mom happy.

The kids get to snuggle fuzzy bunnies.

Plus let's face it I'm happy I don't have to do much work! 

The bunny wrangler moves the talent and keeps them happy.


Except something surprised me that I had never thought about before.

Half way through my sessions one of my regular clients walked through the door.


Round cheeked-big eyed-massive riot of red curls Paige.

I look up expecting to spend the next half hour gossiping and catching up with Paige's Mom and all I see is beard.

"uhhh Hi. Where's Becky?"

Paige's Dad had brought her.

Don't get me wrong he's a great guy but Dads usually only come out when forced into family photos.

"Her Mom is sick! She really wanted to come but just couldn't."

Well Paige rocked her session.

The biggest smiles. You could see the child's wonder at these small living creatures.

At the end of the session I turned to Dad.

"You know what I'm glad Mom is sick. Wait not that Mom is sick that she couldn't make it. Wait Wait Wait I love Becky but I am glad she gets to be surprised."

I had to stick my foot in my mouth a few times before getting the right idea out.

Becky was the only Mom in all of my bunny sessions that was going to be surprised by the images.

While I would never wish the flu on anyone I realized how rare it is for Moms to be surprised with photos.

I am going to make it my goal this year to try and reverse psychology all the significant others to think it is their idea to surprise their wife with photos after I harangue and sent subliminal messages through their Facebook, Youtube and email. New Life Goal.

Bunnies 2018-28Bunnies 2018-28





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Time Of Your Life! http://www.happylittletreephotography.com/blog/2018/3/time-of-your-life Ok most people have never had to put together a timeline much less one for your big day.

This is why I love to help!


There are so many things that couples forget about.

Don't be afraid to ask for my help making one!


Things that are usually forgotten when making a timeline:

Sunset, travel times, receiving lines, corsets take a half hour to get into, big extended family photos take time, lunch just to name a few items.


Your wedding time is set and no matter what you have to be hidden the hour before the ceremony because guests arrive. 

After that we determine if you are doing a first look.

Family photos before or after the wedding? Does the venue allow family photos before or after?

A Family Photo List so your photog can help determine how long it will take.

Extended Family Photos? Should they be done with family or at the reception?


Receiving Line? Half hour

Travel Time to Venues?

Lunch and food times so that you aren't starving by the time you get to dinner!

When making timelines you do want to leave cushioning. Hair and Makeup artist like to take their time and do a good job, it almost always runs over.


After you have finished this timeline it is important that you share it the bridal party and family so they know where to be.

How many times are you going to get everyone assembled for the big extended family photos and you’ll hear, “Oh Uncle Jerry left for the reception already he didn’t know we were doing photos after the ceremony."

AS Wedding-1151AS Wedding-1151



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Engaging Ideas http://www.happylittletreephotography.com/blog/2018/3/engaging-ideas Engagement Sessions are a great way for my couples to get to know me and my style before the big day!


When to shoot?

I usually try to shoot at least six months or farther away from the big day. More craziness and work happens as the big day gets closer.

Also it will make it a different season from your big day giving your engagement photos a different feel from your wedding ones.

Sessions usually take about an hour. We try to shoot during golden hours after sunrise and before sunset.


What to wear?

Matching color palettes not matching clothes!

Two outfits tops! If you don't like car camping style of changing clothes just go with one outfit with a cute scarf or jacket to take on and off for a different look!

Bring flats for walking so you don't wear out heels!


Where to shoot?

Depends on the look you are going for. Fields, forests, urban streets.

Or maybe you want to go with a theme? Reading at home, rollerskating, coffeeshop, place they proposed.

Basing your session off of something you two love to do will help you be more natural in front of the camera!

Make a Pinboard. If you notice that everything you pin is in a garden environment then maybe we should look for a garden spot.


What to bring?

Depends on the time of year but the basics are usually blankets and bug spray. I carry both of these in my car though. Also hairspray and touch up makeup.

Fur babies are welcome! If we do shoot with your fur baby I usually encourage you to bring a friend to help handle them with treats and walk them around as we shoot the two of you.


As always Love Your Beautiful Faces!

AS Engage-28AS Engage-28


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Fall In Love! http://www.happylittletreephotography.com/blog/2018/3/fall-in-love Cheesy title right?

Fall Family Photos


When to shoot?

In Nebraska late September and October!

We are starting to get fewer daylight hours.

We try to shoot during golden hour before sunset. The mornings are starting to get to be too cold for kids and we try to stay away from the harsh sunlight between 11 and 2.


What to wear?

Do not wear matching clothes but matching color palettes! If you are not sure Pinterest has wonderful ideas such as these:



I usually say pick the outfit for the toughest family member to dress and coordinate from there.

I try to tell Dads not logos.

For outdoor photos we try not to do outfit changes but coordinate scarves and jackets for a different look so we do not have to find places to change in the cold.


What to bring?

There still might be bugs at some of the grassier locations but I always carry all natural bug spray in my car. I try to encourage my families to put it on before coming though because it works better.

Blankets. I keep quilts in my car but if you have a special family one bring it! Please don't though if you are worried about grass or dirt stains.

Bribery snacks that do not run color such as Smarties and Cheerios.


What to do?

If you don't think your little ones will focus maybe we should go to an orchard to pick apples or do a playground shoot or pumpkin patch. Simple games like Red light Green light and Ring around the Rosie will keep little ones busy.

What we do not do is start with leaves. That is the last thing we do! There is no coming back from the messy hair covered in bits of leaves.

Please do not bring distracting games or toys.


Can't wait to Fall in Love with You!

Family 2016-78Family 2016-78

See what I did there? LOL

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Wink and A Smile. http://www.happylittletreephotography.com/blog/2018/3/wink-and-a-smile They traveled the hour and a half drive with two kids and Mom being pregnant to get their Spring photos.

Except everything was still muddy and brown.

So we hit the local greenhouse. 

I try not to go there too often since it is a business but the staff is always nice and it is warm on cold Nebraska days.

So after an hour and a half drive Barrett and Torryn emerge from their car.

Barrett is a natural flirt and the dimples started flashing immediately.

Torryn however was not sure about me.

I got the Side Eye from her from the get go.

As we got warmer inside Torryn warmed up to me. 

That age is tough when they only see you once a year.

At the end of our session Torryn had talked Dad into buying her this delicate flowering plant not even the size of her hand.

All involved were sure the plant was not going to make it home alive but for now it was causing the biggest beaming smile from her.

As I am getting ready to leave the three young teenage cashiers are watching us. 

Torryn and Barrett are actually arguing over who is going to get to run and kiss me first.

I crouch down and brace myself as these two small bodies come at me full force.

I give my best slow death scene as I fall to the ground and am smothered in kisses.

My heart is full.

I turn my head to the three cashiers who are obviously laughing at me, wink and say, "This is why you become a photographer."

Brooke Bump III-111Brooke Bump III-111


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Terrible Twos and Troublesome Threes In The Studio! http://www.happylittletreephotography.com/blog/2018/3/terrible-twos-and-troublesome-threes-in-the-studio Ok this is the age were most parents insist on coming in for professional shots.

Because their child WON'T STOP MOVING!

or listen.

or throwing things.

or raspberry.

or even look in the general direction of a camera with something resembling a smile.

LOL I feel ya.

I own a studio and my own son does that to me.


Here is the thing though, it is all really just play time!

We turn on music and most kids love to dance.


I ask that you bring the things they love most: blankie, teddy bear, favorite book etc.

This way you capture something they love and they are more comfortable in the studio as well.


We pick things to do that they love like playing ball, tea time, gardening, reading. You get the idea.


Come a little early so they get use to the studio and we can sit and read and play a bit before the session.

Usually they haven't seen me for a year and might be feeling a little stranger danger.

If we just sit and talk for a minute and let them get use to me things go better.


If you must bring bribery please bring Cheerios or Smarties. These are small easy to hid foods that do not run color.

If you bring M&Ms I will not photoshop your child's mouth from blue to a normal color. That is right.

I will leave them looking like they ate a Smurf and it is your fault!


If it is the day of or after their doctor's appointments please reschedule. They will not be feeling their best after shots! 


Also we allow jumping on beds, tumbling off couches, yelling, screaming and running. Yup they might not be able to at home but if they feel like they are getting away with something the smiles are that much bigger!



Pippa 18mth-45Pippa 18mth-45


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A Street Car...... http://www.happylittletreephotography.com/blog/2018/3/a-street-car Ok first off no matter how old they are if you name your child Stella I will be smirking as you say it because Marlon Brandon will be screaming in my head.

Now that you know that, what is this blog really about?


Last Saturday was my first shoot of bunnies for the year.

New bunnies, new bunny wrangler, new bunny sets and to top it off the first kiddo through the door was a new client.


I always get nervous with new clients.

Were they referred to me? Did their friends warn them?

It is almost like that first day of junior high. Will they like me?

Stella walked into the studio with freckles and a little black dress that made her look like she had stepped out of the pages of 1950's Reader with bunnies on the collar.

I had nothing to worry about. Stella had enough personality for the both of us.

If I gave her a direction she took it and ran with.

Ok you are happy. She was Barbra Streisand over the top singing happy.

Ok you are sad. I blinked and she morphed into a sullen Wednesday Adams.

It was fifteen minutes of talking, action and hilarity.

Except at the end. 

Ok Stella I just need you hop on the bed and cuddle with the bunnies.

The acting stopped.

Stella curled up with the bunnies.

The whole world shrunk down to this small little space as the bunnies crowded around her for attention.

These automatically became my favorite from the set. No posing, no acting.

Just a little girl very happy to be doing something so simple as petting a fluffy bunny.

Yup I think we will be doing bunny sessions ever year!

Bunnies 2018-59 copyBunnies 2018-59 copy

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9 Months And Counting! http://www.happylittletreephotography.com/blog/2018/2/9-months-and-counting You've made it nine months!

Nine Month Sessions can be a minefield! 


First off this is where little ones usually start to have stranger danger.

I usually encourage clients to come early and let me just sit on the floor and play and read with their little one so they warm up to me.


Then there is a matter of teeth.

They usually start running a slight fever on and off, not sleeping well, having gum pain and getting rashes around the mouth.

Fun times huh. Have them wear a bib in the car if arriving in their outfit.


As with every session bring any items important to them. Bunnies, books, blankies etc


Two to Three outfits. Unless your child hates changing clothes! Don't tick them off!


We concentrate on what they are doing now pulling up, dancing, playing ball, bubbles, eating, etc.


These sessions usually last about 45 minutes.

We can shoot in studio with funky hats and chairs.

We can shoot outside in gardens and orchards.

We can shoot in your home with their best buddy (puppy) who eats their left overs.

Franklin 9mth-39Franklin 9mth-39



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Very Merry 1/2 Birthday! http://www.happylittletreephotography.com/blog/2018/2/very-merry-1/2-birthday Your baby has made it through a whole six months!

Starting foods, big laughs and sleeping through the night....hopefully!

We can hit the studio with furs and blankets.

Shoot in home with book reading and kitchen sink baths.

Or outside with greenery and picnics!

Three outfits tops but if your kid hates outfit changes we can do one outfit and naked baby shots!

I usually say if your baby is not sitting up on their own yet delay the session by two weeks! Waiting until closer to 7 mths will get you better photos!

Bring any blankets, luvies, or items of importantance for photos!

Please do not bring your baby in if they just got their vaccinations shots. 

If you are trying to help get your little one to smile stand right behind me!

I don't care if you hit me over the head! This way baby is looking at the camera and not off to the side.

Peek A Boo, Baby Food, Bath Time what do they love to do?

If we are shooting in studio come a little early so baby can get use to me and the space.

Sessions usually take 45 minutes!

Also the more rolls the better so work on that!

Ellie 7mth-92Ellie 7mth-92

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3 Months And Going Strong...... http://www.happylittletreephotography.com/blog/2018/2/3-months-and-going-strong Let's face it. They're not going anywhere.

They can't crawl, sit up, stand, walk, run or escape me!!!!

So why photograph now?

They have doubled in size!

They have personality in spades!

Now when they smile at you it is not "gas"!

They are actually happy to see you!

They are still little enough that you can put them in outfits that they will hate you for later!

Three month sessions are all about personality!

It is almost like modeling headshots for your munchkins.

If you want to wait until they are at least pushing off their tummy and lifting up their head that's cool.

If not we do laying down and interacting with parents poses.

I'd say three outfits tops! 

If you know that your child hates to change clothes we can just stick to the one outfit and we can always do naked baby time so I can get those chunky thighs!

Let's try not to tick off the talent with too many wardrobe changes!

I usually say please bib your child for the car ride over so they don't arrive with huge drool stains on clothes!

Even if you don't want to be in the shots I might borrow your hands to get photos of your little one holding you finger or you playing with their feet!

These sessions are shorter and usually only take half an hour.

We can rock it out in the studio, go for a natural look at home or head into the great wide open.

Love your beautiful faces and can't wait to see you!

Eden 3mth-33Eden 3mth-33




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Home Sweet Home http://www.happylittletreephotography.com/blog/2018/2/home-sweet-home Myth: You need a clean Martha Stewart styled house to shoot a session.

Reality: I usually spend all of my time in a space the size of a small blanket near a window to get 99% of the shots.

Houses are a mess! You just had a baby! We shoot around it. No big deal. I might move some furniture but I promise to put it back!

In home is also easier for healing Moms and toddlers!



 We try to schedule the shoot between 5 to 12 days old.

A Session is usually two and a half hours long.


What is needed?

I love recommending in home. I brings wraps and blankets. We also get to take advantage of all that time you spent putting the nursery together.

Have a pacifier. Even if they don't normally take one. That little bit of extra suckling might be just what they need to get to sleep.

Try to keep the baby up an hour or more before the shoot and feed right before. I say this but I also know babies definitely make up their own schedule! I've had some parents get ready while I start with baby.

Bath time and naked time are great for keeping them awake before.

If Grandma made a blanket or you have your old stuffed animal that is important to you have it out! I will try to work them into photos.

I do love Pinterest but if you message me the night before asking for a giant moon instead of giving me a few weeks time, it's probably not going to happen but I will do my best.

If in home turn up the heat 30 minutes before the session!


What to wear?

Have the baby in something easy to get out of like zip up pjs. They will stay asleep longer when we undress them to shoot.

We usually do not do too many outfits. It just ticks the baby off going through a lot of outfit changes.

I usually recommend neutral colored clothes for family shots but not all the same, just the same color palette. Moms please wear what is comfortable for you! Simple tops and camis are great.

We know you just gave birth to a tiny human being. We don't normally do full length shots unless outside so wear your comfy pants!

That being said Mom if you want to pass the baby to Dad and go get your hair done and have a mani before the shoot I'd say you earned it!

We usually try to say no logos (Dads do that!)


Is This Normal?

If we need to take a break to feed baby during the session do not worry! Completely normal and means better shots. It just gives me more time to setup!

Try to have faces clean and little bodies lotion before I get there. Doing it when I arrive sets a not so good mood with kids.

You don't have to get peed on. We can just wrap baby. If you want completely naked baby shots though at least you are at home where you have easy access to clean clothes!

If you have more questions just ask!

Patrick NB-40Patrick NB-40

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Do You Remember the Times? http://www.happylittletreephotography.com/blog/2018/2/do-you-remember-the-times Hands in each others back pockets.

Dedicating songs.

Waiting for the laser lights to turn on.



For a lot of us it was our first experience mingling in a large group while you try to catch the eye of someone and not fall flat on our faces.

It's the pre-clubbing trial run.

Complete with disco ball, the one show off of the group that could wear inline and go backwards and cryptic song dedications done by what sounds like a a Barry White wannabe.

What does this have to do with photography?


My First Day of Xmas Giveaway!

I gave away a session recreating a couples' first date!

I waited until midnight as the voting continued to see whose first date would win: the zoo, movies, football game?

Well Chelsea and Cory's friends voted them to the top and I think you know by now what their date was.

Nachos and Skating.

This recreated date was a little different from the their first one. It included Averi and Eliana their two beautiful children who had never been rollerskating before!

So Saturday morning we got up and hit the rink first thing.

While we waited for skate lessons to end we hit the nacho bar.

I gotta say there were some cheesy lines as the girls looked on and giggled while mom and dad fed each other salty goodness and shared a slurpee.

We rolled up to the skate counter and had to figure out shoe sizes and get eight feet ready to roll. 

The girls did awesome!

They tried their best and then we went and grabbed one of those funky pvc pipe things so they could dance along as they got the hang of it.

When the girls felt ready I asked Cory and Chelsea to do a few laps alone.

Stealing glances at each and trying to impress his date, Cory only had eyes for his girls. I can see how a fox like Chelsea fell for him.

I wish we could say no one was injured in the making of this shoot but little Eli's finger's got squished and everyone left with sore calves.

All in all it was a success! Two beautiful littles girls got to share a piece of history with their mom and dad and see how one + one becomes four!




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Book It! Part Ten- Engagement http://www.happylittletreephotography.com/blog/2018/2/book-it-part-ten--engagement Engagement Sessions-

ESessions, Love Sessions, Beloved Sessions etc etc etc

They are a great dry run to see if you and your clients will mesh on their wedding day and if they like your style.

I have a lot of clients who like the same thing wheat fields or downtown alleys.

I go over their PinBoards with them to see if there is a place that will work, tell them it will take anywhere from one hour to two depending on what we are doing, suggest golden hour times for outdoor sessions.

I usually ask if they have a special date or proposal spot. If they have any hobbies they love to do together: books, dog walking, roller skating, movies, music, food etc.

Remind them to bring flats if we are walking a lot. 

Two outfit changes tops or one outfit with a great scarf or jacket to make it look like another one.

If they are doing a change of clothes and it’s outdoors, are they comfortable car camping changing? If not maybe one outfit is best.

Bug Spray and water in the car.

Double check a week out on meet up times and location.

If they are bringing their dog can they bring extra treats (or stock some yourself in the car but some owners are picky about what their puppies eat).

I usually start easy. A simple walking away and walking back shot.

It helps to find a narrative, give them a a character to play “Hey remember While You Were Sleeping? You’re Leaning…”

They actually sell decks of cards that are prompts for you to get real emotions out of your clients during the shoot.

I love to end hot sessions at an ice cream shop and cold ones with cocoa, but that is just me and why I gained 40lbs as a wedding photographer! LOL 


I once had a bride request her engagement session at the park near her house. Your usual run of the mill green park. I had met with her in person a few times and she always seemed comfortable and natural. Well for her engagement session she showed up in head to toe black club wear and so much caked on makeup her skin looked thick and chalky. This is why if a client wants to send me texts of their outfits for approval I say hell yes! 


A common problem is couples like places that have a photographer fee. So many times I hear, "Can we go shoot at the train museum or the botanical garden?" We can but they charge $150 for us to shoot there. If my couple will cover the cost sure, sometimes if they have booked my top package I will cover the cost.

Be aware of different venue's rules. Offer other similar suggestions.

The local park down the way actually has a beautiful garden and cobble stone pathways, how about that?

It took me time to find that park by the way. Scout locations, ask friends online their favorite spots. I will tell you that on photographers' forums that is the most asked question and the least answered. Most photographers guard their spots so they don’t get over run or end up looking like everyone else's photos.

Call ahead to places to check on rules. Even if it looks like an abandoned barn by the side of the road that is someone else's property. Make an effort to find out whose it is and ask permission. You’ll be surprised most people say yes. Sometime I even give a finder fee to the owner of 25 to 50 dollars as a thanks.


During your shoot, no matter what do not write on anything. Even if it is just sidewalk. Photoshop it in later. A lot of places will not let photographers shoot anymore due to lack of respect for property. There are turn of the century brick buildings that a lot of photographers in town use to shoot at that are permanently ruined by simple chalk. A newer photographer wrote 1 + 1= 3 as a maternity announce onto the wall of one of these buildings. This is old porous brick, it permanently stained it and the owner now will not let photographers on the property.


One of my first engagement shoots I roll up to the Train Museum, pay the entrance fee for all three of us thinking that was all that was need. My couple is beaming. I am excited by the gorgeous light in this Art Deco building. Five minutes into shooting even though we were quiet, out of the way and not using flash, we were escorted out. I did not know you had to call ahead and pay a fee. It was extremely embarrassing for all of us and did not leave a good impression of my skills with my couple.


I had an engagement session where my couple wanted something different. So we decided to make a day of it and drive out to a place called Carhenge. I googled it and it said it was a four hour drive. I figured 8 hours driving an hour shooting. Nine hours would be a long day but worth it. We hop into the car and turn on gps. It then informs me that the drive is 7 hours. I turn to my couple and they say lets do it! 5 hours into this drive across the plains in my small Yaris with bald tires I see a complete wall of white. A freak snow storm like I have only seen in movies. A vertical wall of white reaching up to the heavens with a strange mix go fog to make it seem like any moment the car is going to drive off a cliff. We somehow make it through with a white knuckle death grip on the steering wheel. We get there, shoot for 45 minutes and drive the 7 hours back. Altogether 18 hours for an engagement shoot and I got a speeding ticket.


I had one session with a couple downtown. We walked around in the morning. Great light, all different angles and poses. I gave them 300 photos. The bride got back to me. She didn’t like the ones where they did not fill up the frame, or the ones shot low, or the ones shot high or the ones where they were both not looking at the camera. Out of three hundred shots she did not like one of them. I met with them for a reshoot. Fifteen minutes in front of a brick wall with them both staring at the camera holding hands and filling the frame. I then informed them we were not a good match and tried to return their deposit. They obviously did not like my style. The bride refused and insisted I was her photographer. It was the first and last time I tried to tell a client we were not a good fit. Five years later they now bring me their kids to shoot!


One engagement session that I always talk about. My couple and I were shooting in a field near a new housing development. Nothing is around but a small ice cream shop. At the end of our shoot we look up to realize the sky went dark fast and a funnel cloud is actually dropping next to us. The owner of the ice cream parlor came out and shuffled us into his pantry. We ate ice cream and played 80’s Trivial Pursuit for the next hour. Which really was not fair since they were just babies in the 80’s. After that I changed the names of my packages to ice cream flavors Vanilla, Chocolate Chip, Mocha Almond Fudge and Triple Banana Split with a Cherry On Top. It was fun and easy for my clients to remember. It also was a great lead in to the above story to show how fun and crazy things get!


I was at a Getting to Know You Meeting and they are ready to sign. Mom was with them. We start talking about the engagement session and what they should do. The bride and groom both tell me they are avid skiers. The Mom chimes in with , “Well there you go! They love snow. You can do a snow shoot.” I laugh. Well there wedding is in four months, we will probably be shooting the engagement photos in July, we could go to an ice rink and do a skating shoot?” “Oh no we want a snow shoot. You can just photoshop all the photos right?”


Moral of the story: It is rarely just a simple shoot.

AS Engage-45 PinAS Engage-45 Pin





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New Year, New Face http://www.happylittletreephotography.com/blog/2018/1/new-year Soooooo if you ignore my life and family and just focus on what I have to do for my business this next week: taxes monthly and yearly, headshots, new templates for contracts and emails, new pricing and structure for the year, finish Pinterest boards, redo website, work on marketing for the year, adjust new prices and shoots on top of all the usual shooting and editing that needs to be done.

You know what I am most worried about? HEADSHOTS!

I have not had them done in 7 yrs!

And I yell at people that do not have them updated every two years!!! Yes I am a hypocrite. 

To top it off I only know 500 photographers to choose from that all shoot with a different style.

I really do not like being the client. Who to go with. In studio or on location? What to wear?

Normally I make a Pin Board and figure out a style I like but not this time! Drawing a blank! Ideas?


***Picture because Barrett is farrrrrrrrr cuter then I! LOL*****

Barrett 1yr-80Barrett 1yr-80

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