I Need A Headshot!

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Everyone needs a great looking headshot!

Bloggers, Lawyers, Relators, Photographers, Linked In, Instagram, Business Cards, Letterhead etc etc etc

(Do you know I like to put 3 etc's after my sentences due to watching The King & I too much when I was little lol!)

Here is what I usually tell my clients to make their headshot sessions go a little smoother!

1. Clothes-  Be you! Wear clothes that are you! Bring two or three outfits so we can mix it up. If these photos are going next to your business logo you might want to think about wearing colors that compliment your logo colors.

2. Hair/Makeup-  If you are doing your own makeup, apply as you might for a formal evening out.  If you “never wear makeup” you might want to at least use some for your photo session.
If you are doing your own hair, remember to bring some hair product (if you use it)
a hair brush or comb to the session.

If you would like my hair and makeup artist can come in. It will take about an hour for her to work. It is $100 for her to come in and do both at the studio and well worth it!

3. Glasses-  If you wear glasses most of the time, I recommend wearing them for your portrait.
Because of reflections, please be prepared to take out the lenses or to bring an extra frame without lenses. Do NOT wear transitions lens glasses to your session!

4. Speak up!- Please let me know if you have an area of concern. Your worried about your arms or chin. Let me know! I want to make sure you love your photos and will change your poses or lighting to address these concerns!

5. Take Care of You- Sleep and Water! These matter for your mood and the condition of your skin the day of the shoot!

That's it folks!

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