Giving of Thanks

November 24, 2016  •  1 Comment

It's 5am.

My son woke up at 4am this morning. I heard his feet come down the hall in a sleepy shuffle. He crawled into bed with me taking all of the covers for his small body and then talked of many wondrous things such as dinosaurs and dragons while managing to contort me to the edge of the bed.

An hour later he is snoring in my spot and I am at my computer.

and my heart is full.

I would not have my day start any other way.

As he was laying across me diagonally, managing somehow to smother a woman five times his size, an odd list of things I am thankful for popped into my head.

Spiders- yes I am actually thankful for them. My daughter, in her last year of college, still runs and gets me to dispose of them. It is small but she still needs me for something! Every once in awhile I hear a shrill cry for help of MOM! and know I am needed. I hate them just as much as she does, but do not flinch and dispatch of the hairy beast since I am her role model.

I am still needed.

Lewis Carroll- I've always thought the man was creepy.

Unsure of his relationship with the real life Alice, especially after seeing his photographic work, it doesn't matter anymore.

My son is smitten with his literary work. He has not seen Alice in Wonderland yet. When he was one he received one of those cardboard one sentence a page books that you read to babies. Jabberwocky- A Nonsense Primer He loved it.

I bought the kid's Alice in Wonderland last year and the pages are worn from rereading.

He has now graduated to his actual works. He runs to me, curls up in my lap and spends hours snuggled in listening.

The actual poem of Jabberwocky is read as a full action play in my house with Flynn hands curling in to claws as he pretends.

Beard Balm- My husband has not shaved in two years. It is my doing. He looks younger then me when he doesn't have a beard.

Sometimes my tired husband will come home and walk past me down the hall to go change. I will immediately yell, "Where do you think you are going? Get over here and scruff your wife!" He comes back smirking with smiling eyes, grabs me in a bear hug and rubs his beard across my shoulders. It makes me feel like we are young newlyweds again.

A soft scent of sandalwood is left behind on my shoulder.

Ever once in a while I will catch the scent as I am doing something, stop, blush a little and know I am loved.

As I sit editing at 5am, thanks Flynn, my screen is filled with face after smiling face. Of loved ones locked in bear hugs. Of little ones tickling dad to get him to smile in photos.

I think of all of my clients whose hearts must feel the same as mine right now. Overflowing.

I am thankful that year after year they come back to me to try to capture that feeling in a photo. To trust me to know how to get those smiles to reach their eyes. 

I watch my clients kids grow along with my own and feel like I am a long lost Aunt at times. I get to give them so many firsts. First Oreo, first milk pod, and so many ways to make life just a little more magical.

This is my job and I am extremely thankful for all of you wonderful clients that keep me going.

It's 7:30am now.

My son has just run into the room squished my husband and I to tell us it is time to get up and be thankful!

He hops off the bed and runs out of the room.

I think he is heading for the kitchen but I hear my daughter's bedroom door swing open and the little leprechaun launches onto the bed and hugs and kisses her. He then snuggles back into bed with her under mountains of blankets. It is a whisper but I hear him turn to his sister and say, "Thank you. I love you sister."

For one moment in time the world is perfect.

Thank you wonderful clients and may your mornings be filled with leprechauns and dragons! 



I love this! Your home sounds so magical and wonderful. And I LOVE Alice in Wonderland!! Thanks for the many memories you've given me!
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