Double Trouble

December 07, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I don't get to do this too often.

Amanda and Dustin have been coming to me for years.

Sometimes I wonder why. lol

Pretty sure Dustin thinks I am a damn, liberal hippie but they still put up with me.

They asked me to recreate a photo for their newborn son. 

Anduin was named after a character in a book just like his older brother Zaknafein.

They are definitely not duplicate names in my client gallery. 

Why is this a request I don't get often?

I am not usually the one to shoot your newborn.

The average call I get goes like this:


(insert the sounds of a small tornado and a mother at her wits end) 

"My friends come to you and I've loved what you've done for them."

(insert random threats to tornado that Mommy is on the phone and they need to knock it off)

"Look my child is a brat who doesn't sit still and ran off the last photographer. I don't think your ready for this."

I laugh. I have a tornado too. I don't expect them to sit!

This means I usually meet my clients well after newborn photos.

So it is rare that I am asked to recreate a newborn shot for a sibling.

Of course my style, camera and studio have changed since so I am always nervous I won't get the shot!

Thanks for sticking with me from the start guys!

I love your faces!

Zak NB-159Zak NB-159



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