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August 09, 2016  •  1 Comment

My Mother sometimes would have to stare at a photo and look for clues in the clothes and background to see which of us three girls it was in the picture.

My Daughter Emily is now half way through college. I specifically remember thinking as she was growing up, "I'm only having one. I'll be able to remember all of these moments."

I am regularly surprised by how many silly, crazy, huggable moments I have forgotten.

Fast forward. Well any of you that follow me know that the above statement of only having one child was a lie.

I was a single Mother with Emily. I had to take on all roles. So things are a little different with this one.

I am surprised by how often I hear, "umm Mom Daddy is going to take me to the park.....give me a me around the Legos with me.....etc etc etc."

I sometimes have to remember this is a good thing, that my son prefers his his Father at times, well ok most of the time. In fact I sometimes feel like I am only a 911 call. Daddy is cooler and better at everything. What does Mommy get to do? "Oh Mommy will get my drink."

Except reading. I cannot tell you how many times I have gloated and rubbed it in my Husband's face when my son takes a book out of his hands, walks over to me and says, "Dad you really should let Mom read it."

Am I better at making the animals talk? NO

Am I better at pacing the words in the story? NOPE

Am I better at making all of those insane crazy onomatopoeias? POW REV CRASH BANG VROOOOM...hell no I actually suck at it!

(I had to Google how to spell that by the way.)

Why this? 

Who knows, and who cares why. At least I am better then Daddy at something!

Well it's started. He has been taking books out of my hands and reading them to me. Is my only starring role coming to an end?

Well yesterday morning before I got him ready for his camping trip with Daddy, I set my camera on a chair and recorded me reading one of the first books he fell in love with, "We're Going On A Bear Hunt!"

Classic, funny, easy to remember and he does like it because I am slightly abusive during the performance. (See Stumble Trip)

Did I mention my daughter is half way through college?

It took five minutes. Five little minutes out of my day to record the one thing I am good at.

As I uploaded it online so my son could watch it while away with Daddy I could picture Flynn in college talking to his Sister. "Omg remember that! Mom turned her hair purple! Oh and that tacky moo moo dress she wore everywhere!"

But what I know he will also see is the way he curled into me and rested his head on me. The kisses to the top of the head. The way he reads in unison with me because I have given in to the millionth in a row reading of the same book. That Mom could make him laugh. And last but not least the sound of my voice. Hearing my voice repeat the same story he has heard so many times. The love and laughter that being his Mother has brought to me. 

So I am giving my clients homework for the week. Take 5 minutes out of your day, turn your phone around onto you, record that one thing you do better then anyone else for them. Trust me when your baby is taller then you, you are both going to want that memory.







Love this! It's so easy to get lost in the day-to-day operations of raising kids, but stopping to document these moments is SO important. Thank you for the reminder!
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