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My clients have heard this story before.

I am a photographer. I own a studio.

And yet all of the walls in my house are bare.

With one exception. My Belly Bump Photo.

When I was very pregnant with my son and slightly hormonal I had a break down. 

I was sitting at home editing family sessions when my husband walked in. 

I started crying uncontrollably, and I am not a pretty cryer. I am a heaving-snot-running-down-the-face mess.

"StEEEEEvEEEEE all of these people have beautiful family photos and I have NOOOOOONNNNNNEEEEEE!"

So we took maternity photos. As a Christmas present my husband printed off a family canvas of us.

It has been the only photo on my living room wall for 4 years now.

Here is the truly sad part. 

My son for those last four years has looked up at that photo and adores it.

He smiles and says, "Look there we all are. That's my family."

Even though he is just a bump in the photo.

So that did it!

I stopped being a hypocrite, scheduled family photos and have been slowly ordering prints the last few months whenever I order my clients prints.

I put together a small video to show the result.

You can see how excited my son was to hang his photos on the wall.

In his words it was "FISH-TASTIC!"

Over the holidays my family and especially my nieces, got to look through the photos and see how important they are to me.

We sat and talked of the good times in the photos and loved ones that aren't here anymore instead of looking at our iPhones.

So that is my goal for 2017.

I want to make sure my clients leave every session with a FISH-Tastic piece of art for their own walls.






I love it Tree! Every bit, but especially the cute tiny naked one. Ha! What a great moment to capture. Way to go.
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