Like The World is Ending

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I don't do many weddings anymore. 

As much as I love my couples, I have a little boy I love even more and want to be home more on the weekends.

At the moment I am redoing my website.

I am taking away my Client Page and making a Memory Gallery.

What the hell does that mean?

Well all my clients will get a private gallery link with all the sessions they have ever done with me in one spot. Easy to find and easy to download.

It is taking longer then I would like to do because some of my clients have been with me for a decade now through senior, wedding and baby photos.

I decided to do this after trying to put up my own family photos in my living room (See FISH-TASTIC Wall Post).

I wanted to make life a little easier for my clients.

As I am slowly messaging out the new links I am getting to say hi to clients I have not seen in a few years.

A few years ago gay marriage was not legal but in a few states.

It seems crazy for me to say that.

I could not believe little old Iowa was progressive enough to be one of the first to give equal rights to something that shouldn't even be an issue.

Over in Madison County is a small bed and breakfast called the Brass Lantern run by an awesome couple who would officiate ceremonies on the historical bridges. 

I would get the call every so often to come out and photograph these elopements.

Couples from all over the US coming to make their love legal.

I can't tell you how many of these ceremonies I was the only one in attendance or I was asked not to post on the internet for fear they would be shunned in their small town.

Why this long post?

I came across one of my favorite moments. I don't think I have even told the couple the full story behind the shot.

After their wedding on one of the historic bridges we were wandering through the park taking the Grooms' personal photos as the guests headed to the reception.

I was nervous. Could I make a couple look in love without a flowy white dress?

There was a small hedge labyrinth in the middle of the park.

I asked them to wander into it. I then proceeded to try to climb a stone column on the edge to get an overview of the maze.

After struggling my second shooter finally grabbed my fat *ss and pushed me up the column without even blinking. (Thanks Jakob!)

There was my couple hugging. What do I do now?

I finally yelled down to them, "It is the end of the world. This is the last kiss you are ever going to have."

Without another word my Grooms turn to each other and lay out one of the most passionate kisses I have ever seen on or off the screen.

It was so passionate that my mouth was actually hanging open and my camera was left by my side. Jakob finally hissed at me, "Tree get the shot!".

It is always one of my favorites. The shot I almost missed because of too much passion LOL!

Here is the shot taken a moment later. I am posting this one because it reminds of a heart with them facing each other. I also want them to keep that passion for themselves.

Gay Marriage is now legal nation wide. I don't get those calls anymore to come photograph couples from all over, flocking to the small town countryside of Iowa to commit to each other. 

Memories like this make me miss my wedding days!

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