Hidden Costs

February 28, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Each year I get a little more judgmental eco-warrior.

Trust me I was the worst vegetarian who lived off of onion rings.

I recycle more, buy gently used, organic, local sourced products.

After all is my own business not a local sourced product? lol

My New Years Goal for 2017 was to make sure that everything in my household, that would go down the drain into my children's water supply is organic.

Dish soap, shampoo, laundry detergent etc etc etc you get the idea.

It means watching for sales and stocking up because of course healthier is usually synonymous with more expensive.

Where on Earth is this story going and how does it relate to photography?


I learned on my Canon AE-1 and fell in love with photography before digital was here.

Some of my all time favorite images were shot on film and developed with my own two hands in a dark room.

When digital came out I resisted. The quality was no where near what I could do myself.

But technology caught up.

In fact film is back!

Youngens are shooting film everywhere!

They scan it and throw it in photoshop anyway, but still it is film!

One thing that has stuck with me from over a decade ago when digital went big is an article talking about the water supply.

I had never thought of it but all of the dangerous toxic chemicals used to develop film are dumped into our water supply.

I saw articles talking about how much the water had improved around cities. Less silver and chemicals in dramatic amounts.

I was a little stunned.

I had never thought of all those chemicals that were too toxic to touch were going into the water.

It is almost exhausting trying to do good when almost everything has a hidden cost to the environment. 

I do love labs like Loktah who are environmentally responsible! 

Let me know your favorite eco friendly labs and any suggestions you have!

(Image from my film days)



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