Numbers Don't Lie!

February 17, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Three years ago I attended a wedding photog class with a nationally renown photog.

He put together a chart of the USA showing all kinds of data by state. How much each couple spends per state on weddings etc.

There were two numbers that made want to cry.

The first one showed that Nebraska had the highest number of Photographers per population.

The second showed that Nebraska Photographers were the lowest paid in the nation.

The numbers have changed a little since then but it is still pretty depressing to see. 

So I decided to do a little informal number calculation myself!

These numbers are rounded and found by government sites online. This is just for knowledge not exact scientific data!!!

Omaha Population- 440,00

Women in their 20's and 30's (women shop more for family photogs then men do)- 132,000

Half of those women have families- 66,000

I took an online test that seemed legit about the number of people that would like me after meeting me. It said half. That now brings the number to- 33,000

In one, yes ONE of my online photography forums for just Omaha there are 1,300 photographers.

I am not including the fact that there are so many other photographers just outside Omaha in Elkhorn etc.

This number does not also include the fact that I know a number of people who just got cameras for Christmas and have messaged me about becoming a REAL photog.

This number does not include the insane amount of weekend warriors who have a "real job" and only do this for fun and a little extra cash on the weekend.

33,000 divided among just those 1,300 is 25 people for each Photographer.

I DID NOT SEE THAT COMING. I was expecting it to be a lot higher. 

Now if you look at another set of numbers. After figuring in my business insurance, 50% taxes, props, gear, website, laptop, gas and bare minimum to pay mortgage and live off ramen noodles my account says I need almost 200 families paying my full session prices a year.

That means I need to kill off at least 7 photographers in town! JOKING JOKING!!!!

This is why I hate math. It is truly depressing. 

That being said my business is still chugging along.

I want to thank all of my wonderful clients who have stuck with me through my selective coloring phase, how on earth do I work this flash phases as I have grown and changed with my business.

I am going to make it my goal this year to make sure that you get the images you dream of and love me as much as I love your families!

By the end of the year I hope they think the number of photographers in Omaha is down to One, ME! LOL

Now if you will excuse me I'm gonna go have a drink while I think about how to do this!!!!

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