Those That Can't Do.....

February 21, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Last Spring I wrote a book.

After a decade of shooting weddings I wrote a Wedding Photography Workbook covering the Good, the Bad and the Ugly!

It has been done almost a year now.


I have been meaning to shoot the accompanying videos to go with each chapter.

Yup still hasn't happened.

It made me wonder if I should just start posting the chapters to my blog.

I don't think I should though. There are a lot of horror stories in there and these people are still clients.

What happened?

I was super excited! Wrote it fast! All last year I had a drive to teach!

I turned a year older.

In that one little year my mindset changed.

I somehow started to feel a generation gap with my clients.

Outdated. Like there is nothing current or relevant for me to teach.

So my book just sits. 

I made myself promise that I would either shoot the videos this month or just start to post to my blog.

Well I guess in two more weeks you will know which one I chose! LOL

(Photo below from one of my fav Friday the 13th weddings!)

S+J Shoot Shack-142S+J Shoot Shack-142



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