Filter THIS!

March 01, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

It is EVERY photographers' pet peeve.

It is the only time we are happy that you DON"T give us photo credit!

When you add filter to your photos!

It is so easy now and days for your clients to alter your photos to be "artistic".

Snapchat Instagram Pictage so on and so forth.

We cringe when we see the photos we labored over altered.

The worst offenses are the throw back to the 80's white vignette border or horrible selective coloring.

If you want to see a photographer weep real tears, send them a message along the lines of, "LOOK WHAT I DID!" to one of the photos they took with everything turned black and white but the kids' shirt, or eyes, or basketball only in color.

You get the idea.

As a photographer what we want to say is, "Why did you not hire someone who shoots like that to begin with if you didn't like the finished product I gave you!"

Everyday I see photographers posting that they had to remind their clients that a contract was signed stating they could not alter photos and to take it down immediately. 

Most of my client leave their photos as I delivered them.

When this does happen to me I smile my big-cheeks-hurt-never-reaches-the-eyes smile and just say, "Oh cute."

The "editing the photo yourself" thing just got taken to a whole nother level.

I shot photos for my Son's Godmother while her four Kids were actually in town all at the same time. 

Her son just send out a text saying he improved my work.

My eyebrows went up a mile and my jaw clenched until I opened the file saw this and spit out my coffee!

Yup there's one in every family! LOL

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