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Each year my clients get younger and younger and I feel older and older.

I remember the first time it happened a few years ago.

I was in a hair salon with the wedding party.

The Mother of the Bride just finished.

I turned to her and said, "Oh my, you look so lovely like Grace Kelly!"

The Mom beamed, put her hand over her heart and turned to her daughter and said, "Did you hear that I look like Grace Kelly!


The Bride had no clue who that was. That was the first time I felt out dated. 

It has been steadily downhill from there.

My couples get younger.

They grew up with Blue's Clues, their kids are growing up with Daniel Tiger.

I grew up with The Dark Crystal.

Admittedly it might be too scary for some kids.

The main villains are a little frightening to behold.

A Jim Henson creation that I will force my children to grow up with and their children's children.

Even though puppetry is outdated and there is no CGI.

The Cookes came into the studio last weekend.

Their daughter Kinsley is a tiny, little thing with an impish face full of light, dancing and mischief. 

I immediately lost my heart to her.

As she danced in the window light I sighed, "She's such a Gelfling."

Her parents stared back void of expression.

"The Dark Crystal? Jim Henson? I hate your whimper? NO?"

Nothing they just smiled and nodded at me.

Yup, need new references and to become hip to the current scene.

In the mean time if I call your child a Gelfling it is the highest praise I have to offer. Trust me it's a good thing.

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