I'll Eat You Up!

March 31, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I always love seeing how creative my clients get with nursery themes.

I've seen some beautiful, should be on Pinterest nurseries over the years.

I couldn't think of a theme for Flynn's until half way though my pregnancy.

It struck me that it was madness having another child when the other one is so close to leaving.

We painted Starry Night across the wall and put a swarm of locust over his crib.

So as I am stalking my expectant client I see she has decided to decorate in one of my favorite all time stories!

Where The Wild Thins Are!

Who doesn't love it!!!

It was endeared to my heart even more after listening to an interview with the author where he says the Wild Things are fashioned after his relatives.

I immediately went online and was determined to buy the little dolls for the baby's newborn photos!


I could find a Chinese knock off of one of them for 35 dollars if I wanted to wait two months to get it.

They are all collectors items now that go for a hundred dollars or more.

I love my clients but that is pretty steep for one photo.

I was not sure what to do. 

I always want to do something a little special for my tiny new clients.

It struck me that very morning!

I am making all these books for kids I'm just going to drop the baby into the scene!

I am not the best at Photoshop but I do love that I was able to make it work somehow!

I hope he grows up and loves them too!

wildthings3wildthings3 wildthings2wildthings2




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