Prop Me Up!

March 21, 2017  •  1 Comment

As I chose the title for this blog that country song Prop Me Up Beside The Jukebox When I Die got stuck in my head.

It does not pertain to this article but I thought I would let you know what was running through my mind.


Mad Props

I like to say I am more of the lifestyle-in-the-moment-catch-that-emotional-bond photographer then a studio photographer. 

Why do I need props then?

Hats, cars, balloons, airplanes, basketballs, bicycles, pinwheels, bubbles, books, kites, rocking horses, blocks, trains, the list goes on and on.

I shoot two year olds. 

Sometimes having a baseball thrown at my head is the only way to get them to look at me.

We have the pedestal trick at the studio.

Grab a block, a crate or a tall chair and drop your manic whirling dervish of a child on it.

They can't get down right away on their own and they freeze for exactly two seconds not sure of what to do and you get the shot!

Tori just turned 2! 

Rosy cheeks, bounds of ringlets and sparkling eyes! This should be easy right?

It's early in the morning.

The studio is new to her.

She would rather explore then deal with me.

I set up my light and meter the spot because once we drop her on it I might have two seconds to get the deer-in-the-headlights-what-are-they-doing-to-me look that freezes her there.

Dad drops her on the pedestal and I start firing away. 

She has an older brother, Treyson.

Treyson adores her. He is sweet, gentle and helpful when it comes to his little sister.

"Hey Treyson, go over and hold your sister's hand."

I figure I will exploit this bond and it will get her to stay for one more second.

She is a whole foot taller then him standing on the pedestal.

He walks over and wraps his arms around her legs in a hug and looks up at her. 

Rather then push him away or scream or kick, which is what I would have done to my siblings, she reaches both her tiny hands down and cups his face.

Just looking at him and smiling with so much love.

Needless to say there was a collective Disney AWWWW by every adult in the room.

No props, no blinking lights, squeaking toys, hot dog hot dog hot diggity dog singing. 

Just one pure and truly lovely moment caught by accident.

It's those moments I live for.

Tori 2yr (38 of 150)Tori 2yr (38 of 150)





Molly kapalis(non-registered)
So we all know you are an amazing photographer. But you are also an awesome writer. I'm reading your post in a parking lot while I avoid picking up. Y child. But now I'm all teary - because that story of so sweet.
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