A Vicious Streak A Mile Wide!

April 10, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Well we finished up another year of awesome Fluffy Bunny Sessions!

I do call them Spring Session but lets face it their so FLUFFY!

I always encourage clients to go to a photographer using trained bunnies!

A bunny just bought from the pet store will bite!

We had such a variety of ages and personalities!

Little Zach might be the sharpest dressed man ever and came in full tux with tails!

You know every single lady loves a sharp dressed man!

Hazel might have loved the balloons more then the bunnies and just wanted to play ring around the rosie with them.

Haasini who yawned through her session and then laid her head against me, fell promptly to sleep and left the studio with my heart!

It is such a fun experience for the kids to interact with these trained bunnies that will lean over and give them a little smooch and just

make Spring a little more special.

Thank you DiAnn and Country Dream Acres who actually offer spinning classes on how to make the softest yarn from their fur!

Already looking forward to next year! 001-002001-002


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