Nothing To Be Nervous About You're Gonna Be Great!

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When I first started photographing Gene Leahy Mall was the place to go.

It's free, easy to get to, and green.

I was there almost every weekend with a family, bridal party or senior.

With ten other photographers.

I have not been back for several years.

You learn to find small hidden gems about town or to shoot in your clients' home to capture more personality.

That being said for almost a decade I have had a certain shoot on my bucket list with no takers.

Growing up I had two idols- Audrey Hepburn and Richard Avedon

Wouldn't fate have it that I discovered Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astaire made a movie about Avedon!

To this day I show clips from the movie Funny Face in an Inspiration Class I teach.

There is one scene with Audrey in a black dress in front of the Arch in Paris with a bunch of balloons.

I always walk past the Arch in downtown Omaha and think of that scene.

Enter Kristin.

She too photographs and tries to find something off my bucket list when she shoots with me.

She is 8 months pregnant and has a two year old daughter.

If anyone can pull off the elegance and fun of Audrey Hepburn under those circumstances it is Kristin!

It was cold but they soldiered through it to create some of my favorite images ever!

Thank you so much Cece and Kristin for always running away with me!

Link to Gallery!

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