Rock The Bump!

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I get asked this question all the time so I thought I would write a blog about it!

"When do I come in for Belly Bump Photos?"

There are usually only two rules!

Belly past the boobs and do not wait until the final month.

So ideally 7 and half to 8 month mark it is!

That last month your body usually starts to retain water in unusual places. 

You don't have as much mobility or ability to breath as well for that matter with a small child crowding your lungs.

Also that last month is all growth so there is a chance of you going into labour and delivering before you can even get to the shoot if you wait. 

"What should we do?"

The sky is the limit!

Come into the studio and shoot! Bring books you have bought for the baby. Schedule my makeup artist and one of my flowy dresses for a glamorous experience.

Want to shoot at the park you two met? or your fav ice cream shop you are craving?

We can do a lifestyle shoot in your home with the family pets and nursery!

Anything goes!

"What to wear?"

I do carry a few maternity dresses just in case but I want your style to shine through!

Boho dress, jeans and fav band shirt, get truly daring and show a little skin wearing just a sarong!

If we are outside walking you might want to bring flats and change in and out of your sexy shoes!

Let me know in advance if you want to show the bump off or keep it covered! It will help with planning.

"What do you need from me?"

I want to make sure you get photos you love so don't be afraid to speak up with what you want!

This is where Pinterest might help. Make a private board to share with me.

You might notice that all the photos you pinned are in home and decide to go with a lifestyle session. You might notice that all your pins are glamorous in studio with a wind machine turned on. Pinterest is a great tool in helping figure out the style of shoot you want!

Have no idea what you want? I always have a bucket list of shoots I want to do ranging from carnival to green house! Just ask!

"How long?"

It usually takes 45 minutes to shoot and two weeks to edit.

I tell all of my clients this story but my belly bump photos were the only ones on my living room walls for a long time and they are my son's favorite family photos. He always looks up at them and smiles. "There I am Momma! In your belly! Our first photo!" It makes me laugh at how much he loves them even though he is technically not visible in the photo LOL!

Let me know any other advice you think should be added here and I can't wait to see you and rub your belly!!!!

Bump II (44 of 110)Bump II (44 of 110)



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