All A Blur!

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You spend a year or more planing your big day and it goes by so fast.

Sometimes everything runs late and you don't have a lot of time for personal photos with the one you love on your big day.

Or maybe your Mother laid down the law and said, "No." to the red gloves and red birdcage veil you wanted.

You couldn't get any outside photos because it stormed all day?

The day of your wedding is mostly spent trying to keep that dress clean for as long as possible.

By the end of the night at least three people have stepped on it, a groomsmen went to hug you and spilt beer on it, the bottom is completely grey from the dance floor.

Before you get it dry cleaned and boxed away why not do a Day After Shoot!

The dress is already dirty lets go play in that field or alley that you couldn't on your big day!

You wanted big hair, a tiara and purple shoes? Let's do it!

My couple in the photo below did not have a lot of time after their ceremony for photos and they wanted to do something special.

The next day I drove out to the Bride's Parents house and took photos there. 

It was personal and fun.

We spent the shoot recapping all the crazy emotions from the wedding and laughing. 

Before you box up that dress message me with your ideas!

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