Thick As Pea Soup!

May 14, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Every time I am at work I walk past them sitting on my shelves.

One of those three-am-do-I-really-need-this purchases.

Smoke Bombs

I have not had a single client request a smoke session.

So why did I purchase them?

Just In case.

Maybe someone just doesn't know that is what they want and I have to be ready right?

Funky Senior Sessions

Dramatic Day After Bridal Gown Shots

Foggy Ethereal Engagement Love Session

Just sitting there on my shelf.

Of course I picked up plenty of orange and purple because those are my favorite colors!

With that in mind the next type of session I am offering while away are called Through The Fog.

Want a little drama in your life?

Link to my Mood Board!

Link to purchase at my Online Store!



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