Wandering Through The Land of Nod

May 12, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Lord of The Flies Bonfires, Lost Boys Hollering through Neverland, Rumpus with the Wild Things.

All images conjured to mind when I think of photographing my own son.

Ferral, muddy, imagination that happen when they are lost in play.

How long until they out grow that stage of life?

Bows and Arrows, Fox tails, Telescopes, Swords and Boats 

Tromping through the woods, jumping off rocks and buried in sandy shores.

Unscripted, unposed and full of imagination.

The fourth kind of session I am offering while I am away is called Wandering Stars.

Before you blink and they are all grown up capture this rare moment of mud streaked faces howling at the moon.

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