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When I was off in the woods with my family I had a special run everyday on different kinds of sessions I wanted to do.

Most of them sold except for the Milk Baths.

So the day after I got back I grabbed our left over box of evaporated milk and decided to do it anyway.

It didn't quite go as planned.

First you never shoot your own kid. They don't listen.

I now have enough shots of him mooning the camera to last a lifetime.

I had to make sure the water level was high enough to cover naughty bits but not his face, but how to get him to stop drinking the bath water?

I ran to the cupboard to grab the big box of Fruit Loops and a giant spoon I had planned to use for the shoot.

They were gone.

Too late to turn back what else did I have in the cupboard?

Organic chocolate bunny cereal I thought might work but the water turning brown might be a little off putting.

Would Teddy Grahams float?

In the very back tucked away hidden because the only one who eats them is my Mother was a bright yellow box of Peeps.

The over sugary gelatinous hunks of yellow might work.

Flynn was over joyed to bathe with them.

I unfortunately did not get many shots as he quickly went about decapitating them all.

It was fun. 

It was silly and messy.

And I definitely can't wait until I can do it again.

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