Happy Little Tree: /ˈhapē/ /ˈlidl/ /trē/


1. A Happy Little Tree is hidden among the many, painted with love in beautiful tones and completes your world.


You are pretty sure your child is from another planet?

Is your child in a phase where they will only wear green boas and rain boots?

They cut their own hair.....again.

His imaginary friends are the monsters from "Where The Wild Things Are" and he is king?


That is what we want! 


To capture your child at play. It is not their nature to sit still and smile pretty.

That is not what you will remember about them when they are older.

If you want a traditional portrait I might not be for you.

If you want to capture your kid's personality while making wonderful memories at the same time, well I'm your gal!




I think our pictures with Tree turn out pretty awesome. She is super super super super nice and the best! Me and my sister Torryn like to tackle Tree during our pictures. -Barrett (6yo)


“I wike Twee cuz she spins us on chairs and stuff and she is goofy! Can you take us back to pway there again??!” -Calan (3yo)

Tree is the best. She takes pictures and I look funny and silly and happy. I really like when she makes cake. -Torryn (4yo)

Tree brings joy to everyone. You can jump on beds and Tree will take lots of fun pictures. - Kayleigh (8yo)


When she uses her good shampoo you can pick coconut out of her hair. -CeCe. (6yo)



Who do we photograph?

Families, Kiddos, Newborns, Pets!

We do shoot weddings but only ten a year! 

We do not shoot births, large family generational shoots (over ten).

If you have something in mind just ask!


Where do we photograph?

Mainly in Omaha Nebraska.

We shoot on location or in home.

We can rent studio space to shoot but additional fees apply.

Certain shooting locations that require entrance fees such as The Joslyn and Durham will be paid for by the client in addition to the session cost.

We have a list of locations we love to shoot in, just ask!


When do we photograph?

Best lighting times are near sunrise and sunset.

We do not shoot on location between 10am-3pm due to harsh light unless it is a specified location.

If it is winter time not below 30 degrees.

In Summer we try to shoot as early in the morning as possible to avoid heat, in Winter as late as possible for more warmth. In Spring and Fall we try to shoot in evenings because of frost and dew on the grass.

Maternity Sessions are usually shot from 32-36 weeks along or when the belly is past the boobs. We try not to wait until the last month just in case!

Newborns are usually between 5 days-2 weeks old. Shot in home lifestyle or on location when tempertures are over 80 degrees. 


What To Wear?

We have a pdf we email out to help! Just ask. Most of all please remember to not wear transitional lenses!


Session Cost?

After shooting all images are edited and given to you in an online gallery to download from with a three week turnaround time and print release. Sessions start at 350.


You are a Photographer?

We offer any many services to photographers! Culling, Editing, Album Design.

We also offer Home Videos: we follow you during your client's shoot and put together a custom slideshow of video clips to go with their gallery!