Match Maker!

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Caught your eye?

Thinking this blog was gonna be about Bumble or Tinder?

Well not quit!

I am trying to play matchmaker.........with bone marrow.

I have one friend. Yup just one.

Let's be honest, I'm very busy and kinda a b*itch so I don't know how she puts up with me.

Her sister developed cancer and needed bone marrow.

My first thought was, "Well she has lots of family, one of them must be a match!"

Nope, partial match.

Then someone half a world away donated to her without evening knowing her.

Then in the last year alone I saw it happen three more times.


These wonderful, beautiful souls waiting and waiting for a match so they could get better and live their lives.

So I signed up!

I knew nothing of the process so I imagined nurses, thick needles and sterile rooms.

Imagine my surprise when an envelope and a cotton swab end up on my door step.


That was all it took to sign up to be a bone marrow match for someone in need.

It was easier and less time then cooking, getting my driver's license, changing oil, painting my nails, washing my hair, calling my sister.

You get the idea.

It is pretty darn easy to do.

So just take one little, tiny minute and go to the website below and they will mail you a kit!

No paying for postage, no needles and big rewards.

Not only will this make you a better human being it will make another human being better!



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