Why You Should Hire A Pro!

February 25, 2019  •  2 Comments

Gather round my children.

Today's tale has tragedy, tears and an unexpected happy ending!

It all starts one fine Sunday two weeks ago.

I have a fabulous baker that makes my smash cakes for me, Cake Creations.

They close at 2pm on Sundays. I got there at 1:45pm, just in time to pick up my smash cake!

As I was standing there talking to the owner Tonya, there is one lone cake left in the pickup fridge.

She goes on to tell me the photographer hasn't responded back and it looks like it would go unclaimed.

Smooth white frosting, Tiffany blue drizzle down the top, sprinkling of shiny bling candy and two mini donuts.

That is when I got the bright idea to buy it from her.

"Here let me take it. If the photographer gets ahold of you give her my name, if not I'll use it!"

The day wore on. The girls and I at the studio were thinking of ways to use it.

I thought I would call a friend of mine, pop some champagne and do a "Donut cha think I'm sexy!" Session.

Well no one called. I turned to my coworker and told her, "Hey if you can think of a use for it, it's yours."

I closed up shop and drove home. 

That is when my Facebook pinged.

"Hey Tree Tonya says you have my cake."

"Oh yeah, I might."


"Give me one minute!"

I immediately call back to my coworker.

"Hey you still have that cake?"

"Yeah we just ate it! It was awesome!"


I messaged back the other photographer, I am not sure why I said it either,

"Yeah come pick it up in the morning!"

I swung by the store. Blue drizzle, some bling, how hard could this be?

I was gonna buy an already made smash cake and redecorate it. The store was cleared out of cakes.

So I went to the baking section and bought all the ingredients.

I get home. It is now 10 o' clock at night.

I toss in an egg, some water and pop my box mix cake in the oven.

While waiting I go chop a piece of cardboard into a circle and cover it with foil to put the cake on.

An hour later after I pull it out and let it cool, I go to flip it over onto the plate to decorate.

It was undercooked. 

So undercooked that the middle of it fell out like it had been shot by a cannon.

Ok Round 2!

The next cake is so over baked I have a hard time sawing off the edges to get it flat.

I take my store frosting and try to extra whip it to make it fluffier.

By this point I have watched a hundred youtube videos on frosting and am pretty sure I got this. 

Dump extra on top and start to spread it around.

Add more, and more, and more why is it still crummy?

All I need is this flat tool, spin it around and it will be smooth right? Just like in all of the videos?


By now it is 2am, there is not a clean dish in my house, it looks like a war went on in my kitchen,  there is frosting on the walls and I am crying over a cake.

Screw this. I head to a different store. They too are all sold out of smash cakes but in the corner of the case I see a white cake, with white coconut frosting.


I buy it and head home!

This will be so easy! All I have to do is take off the coconut and decorate!

I scrape off the coconut and add more frosting to it and try again with the scraper thingy to make it smooth. 

Looking like the craters of the moon I decide that is gonna have to be good enough.

The blue drizzle on top? Well all the videos tell you to melt down white chocolate ganache over a bain-marie, color and drizzle.

Ain't nobody got time for that!

I open my container of white frosting, add dye, pop in the microwave for 45 seconds and dump over the top.

Kind of gloppy, not bad, could of been worse.

Bling? The store did not have bling, I even checked the candy section. But they did have shiny nerd candy in the shape of game controllers and Bunsen burners!

Who knows maybe this will inspire the tyke to be a scientist!

Throw on top.

Two donuts, all I could find were the large ones in the bakery.

Then my brain starts working and I head back to the store to the snack section. They have mini donuts!

I place them on top and TADA! DONE!!!!

It is now 5:30am. My husband is waking up for work. 

He looks in the fridge and says, "Oh honey it's cute. You did a good job."

At this point if looks could kill my husband would be a goner.

I mumble under my breath half laughing to myself, "Thanks, but you didn't see the original."

It looked like it had been so simple of a cake to make.  WRONG!

I get the kids to school.

The other photographer messages me and says her shoot is at ten, but she is not sure she will have time to drive over to get the cake.

"No problem! I will drive it over to you!"

I stop by the studio. I pull out everything I've got. Banners, stands, confetti, balloons.


As I pull out from the studio and start to head her way she messages, 

"Tree my client just cancelled. The little one is sick. I am so so sorry!"

"Oh no! That is ok! Just message Tonya when she reschedules to make you a new one. Have a good day!"

Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!!!!

I ended up giving the cake to my sister. In which she later told me it was so inedible my little nieces wouldn't even touch it.

A few morals to this story.

I later told it to Tonya and the girls at her store in which they all replied in unison, "Why didn't you call me?"

If you need help, just ask someone, even if they say no you are no worse off.

Second moral.

There is a weird psychological phenomenon that shows if you watch a video your brain tricks you into thinking you can do it as well as the Pros.

Please don't fall into this trap!

I am actually putting a link here to an article.

Along with a side by side photo I am posting this hilarious skit from Saturday Night Live that I related to way to much!

Now remember folks! These people have taken years, blood, sweat, tears and time away from their loved ones to hone their craft!


Oh and don't ever ask me to make a cake. LOL

Cake failCake fail










Kay Softley(non-registered)
I understand the cake story now, oh well you are great with the camera, stick with it then you won't have to worry.
Tonya Brown(non-registered)
This is the best story ever Tree. I will forever make you whatever you desire at any time of day. You are amazing
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