Livin' The Life!

February 04, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

So before I had a studio I had to either go to my clients home or scramble to clean my home to shoot in the current location where my dining room is. I now have seven unique studio rooms to choose from and yet I find myself missing being in my clients' home.

Lifestyle shoots

Engagement, Newborn, Family Portraits, Day In The Life Shoots. I love taking all of these in my clients homes.

I shot Liz and Tom's wedding. Fast forward and there is a baby on the way! 

Liz tells me she wants her Belly Bump Session in their home. 

I always get a little nervous. What if they have orange shag carpeting or every room is lit by one tiny red pen light? It could happen!

It is always a surprise for me. Something different. They are more comfortable in their own space too.

I fell in love with the session as I was editing it. In my mind's eye I could see into the future to see their child looking through photos. Seeing how happy Mom and Dad look together on the couch they grew up with which now has no cushioning from being jumped on and quite a few stains. I see them looking at the photo and just one word comes to mind, Home. Liz Belly Bump-53Liz Belly Bump-53




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