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I work with Lindsay at the studio. I should say I worked. She is leaving for new job opportunities in Oklahoma.

She had just gotten these stunningly beautiful family photos done with another photographer.

So I was surprised when she came to me wanting a family session. She was sad. They were leaving a home that had left them with a lot of great memories. Where they brought home their baby girl. She wanted to capture those memories.

I have a lot of clients who feel a lifestyle session is not for them. That they will have to clean or get decked out in their Sunday best.

When I knocked on the door of Lindsay's house her three children came to greet me. Her feisty little girl had her shirt pulled over her head, her middle son was in footie pajamas and the oldest boy was stripping down to his underoos. I knew this was going to be as real as it gets.

Her daughter kept squinting at me suspiciously and then would just burst out with the biggest toothiest grin ever.

Her middle son was so tired by the end he wrapped his blankie around himself like a cape and rubbed his eyes as he went down the hall to find his bed.

It was her oldest son that caught my attention though. Not because he took my backup camera and wanted to shoot too, trust that was enough to make me love him. It was his relationship with his mom. Yes there was a stranger in the house that he wanted to show off for, but in the quiet moments as I was between shots he looked to his mom. 

It was something I was not quite use to seeing. Yes he laughed with his mom, played games, sang songs and ran to her for comfort just like his siblings.

This was different. It was a soft respect.

The kind of respect you give to someone who has shown you discipline with love. It was a kind of pride that you give to a person you look up to. I see a lot of boys that do not show their parents respect or they respect their father in a patriarchal way. This little boy had a respect and pride for his mom that shone like a light from his face.

I hope and pray to see that same look on my son's face when he is older.



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