Holy Haberdashy!

October 19, 2017  •  1 Comment

New Client.

Wanted Session in their backyard.

New people.

Always that awkward Jr. High feeling.

I pull up and park.

Beautiful lawn, landscaping, tree swing.

Oh they must be those people on the other side, the "normal" ones.

Beautiful mom, handsome dad, little girl, bouncing golden hair.

Happy puppies running around.

Yup normal.

We start shooting.

Which is awkward enough when you have a stranger like me posing you around.

Mom is not afraid to get down in the wet, muddy grass with the puppies.

Dad is not too proud to climb up in the treehouse with his daughter.

And the daughter?


In the span of twenty minutes she jumped, climbed and leapt off of every surface and tree she could.

As I was saying my goodbyes in the front yard the little girl stopped me.

"Hold on a minute Tree."

She ran inside.

I waited, and waited. I made small talk as the minutes ticked by. 

After ten minutes Mom and I looked at each other and proclaimed that I had probably been forgotten about and forsaken for a toy or game.

As I walked slowly to my car just in case I hear the front door slam.

I look up and a vision in all black is running towards me with hydrangeas.

She had gone inside and transformed into Cat Woman.

Who then proceeded to hand me a bouquet of light blue hydrangeas that the villain had picked just for me.

It was one of the most perfect ways I've ever had a session end.

I might have misjudged them as one of the "normals".

Moral of the story- Don't judge a book by it's nicely manicured front lawn.

Double Moral- Always bring Tree flowers.

Family 2017-109Family 2017-109



The pictures are great! See, I told you I had photogenic friends!
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