What's In A Name?

December 28, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I didn't want a boy.

I know nothing about boys.

They get on my nerves.

Smudged, Noisey, Bodily Creatures that laugh like Beavis at Fart jokes and try to kill themselves jumping off of furniture.

When I became pregnant I actually started buying dresses and picking out girl names.

There were all girls in my family. No way was a xy chromosome in my future.

Then I had an ultrasound. I actually cried upon seeing the images. 

Not tears of joy. I couldn't help myself.

I already have a daughter but she grew up wearing overalls and green sweater vests and hung out with her Grandpa watching Three Stooges. 

I wanted a Girl!         Glitter, bows, tutus and purples and pinks. 

Fast forward five years.

Any of you that know me, know that I am now a firm champion of the mother-son relationship.

It is a completely different relationship then that of my daughter.

In fact when Moms To Be come into the studio now and say they are going to have a boy, I let them know they won the lottery!

Now that being said what is the point of this blog post?

Baby Names.

I am not having anymore children. 

Yet I am still in love with the baby names I chose!

So here they are for you to use!

If my daughter was to be a ginger like my husband I was going to name her Lola after the song by The Kinks! What can I say we got a thing for Transvesities! After all that is why Em is the Divine Miss M.

If my theoretical daughter was going to have my dark curls I was going to name her Moselle. I might have been reading too many Southern books with Creole characters at the time.

I've added Roxelana from the Ottoman Empire harem to my list this year.

I will tell you this. Name your baby one of these wonderful names and I will play favorites!!!!

The next Momma that uses these names and brings her baby to me gets half off her newborn session!!!

Hannah NB-49Hannah NB-49


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