Late To The Game

May 12, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

It was all the craze this last year.

Milk Bathes

I did not have one single person request it!

I read up on what mixture to use in the water, how to get flowers to stay afloat, best angles and yet no takers!

I figure this will be my first special offered while I am away.

A beautiful pregnant belly surrounded by ivy.

A sexy goddess showing just enough curves over the porcelain water to tempt you.

A gorgeous backlit tub with Mama and little sweetheart splashing around.

A naughty impish boy smiling in a sea of Fruit Loops.

So many ways this shoot can go!

Here is my Pinterest Mood Board!

Sessions available for purchase HERE!

Message me if inspiration strikes you!

PS- below is my only previous bathtub session with a treasure seeking pirate.

Nora 2 1-2 shoot-15Nora 2 1-2 shoot-15



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