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Myth: You need a clean Martha Stewart styled house to shoot a session.

Reality: I usually spend all of my time in a space the size of a small blanket near a window to get 99% of the shots.

Houses are a mess! You just had a baby! We shoot around it. No big deal. I might move some furniture but I promise to put it back!

In home is also easier for healing Moms and toddlers!



 We try to schedule the shoot between 5 to 12 days old.

A Session is usually two and a half hours long.


What is needed?

I love recommending in home. I brings wraps and blankets. We also get to take advantage of all that time you spent putting the nursery together.

Have a pacifier. Even if they don't normally take one. That little bit of extra suckling might be just what they need to get to sleep.

Try to keep the baby up an hour or more before the shoot and feed right before. I say this but I also know babies definitely make up their own schedule! I've had some parents get ready while I start with baby.

Bath time and naked time are great for keeping them awake before.

If Grandma made a blanket or you have your old stuffed animal that is important to you have it out! I will try to work them into photos.

I do love Pinterest but if you message me the night before asking for a giant moon instead of giving me a few weeks time, it's probably not going to happen but I will do my best.

If in home turn up the heat 30 minutes before the session!


What to wear?

Have the baby in something easy to get out of like zip up pjs. They will stay asleep longer when we undress them to shoot.

We usually do not do too many outfits. It just ticks the baby off going through a lot of outfit changes.

I usually recommend neutral colored clothes for family shots but not all the same, just the same color palette. Moms please wear what is comfortable for you! Simple tops and camis are great.

We know you just gave birth to a tiny human being. We don't normally do full length shots unless outside so wear your comfy pants!

That being said Mom if you want to pass the baby to Dad and go get your hair done and have a mani before the shoot I'd say you earned it!

We usually try to say no logos (Dads do that!)


Is This Normal?

If we need to take a break to feed baby during the session do not worry! Completely normal and means better shots. It just gives me more time to setup!

Try to have faces clean and little bodies lotion before I get there. Doing it when I arrive sets a not so good mood with kids.

You don't have to get peed on. We can just wrap baby. If you want completely naked baby shots though at least you are at home where you have easy access to clean clothes!

If you have more questions just ask!

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