Very Merry 1/2 Birthday!

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Your baby has made it through a whole six months!

Starting foods, big laughs and sleeping through the night....hopefully!

We can hit the studio with furs and blankets.

Shoot in home with book reading and kitchen sink baths.

Or outside with greenery and picnics!

Three outfits tops but if your kid hates outfit changes we can do one outfit and naked baby shots!

I usually say if your baby is not sitting up on their own yet delay the session by two weeks! Waiting until closer to 7 mths will get you better photos!

Bring any blankets, luvies, or items of importantance for photos!

Please do not bring your baby in if they just got their vaccinations shots. 

If you are trying to help get your little one to smile stand right behind me!

I don't care if you hit me over the head! This way baby is looking at the camera and not off to the side.

Peek A Boo, Baby Food, Bath Time what do they love to do?

If we are shooting in studio come a little early so baby can get use to me and the space.

Sessions usually take 45 minutes!

Also the more rolls the better so work on that!

Ellie 7mth-92Ellie 7mth-92


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