Pinterest Fail........Again

June 22, 2018  •  1 Comment

I got exciting news that a long time client of mine was due with their first baby in a month!

I also knew that they have prayed for this and had heartbreak in the past.

I wanted to do something beautiful to honor their rainbow baby.

I saw this gorgeous maternity dress.

There were three different versions and a sash version floating around on maternity sites.

All of them sold out.

I tried Easy but it would take 6 weeks and 400 dollars.

I spent days emailing dress rental sites from California to Florida. All were booked out until July.

I posted on forums asking to rent it from privately from photographers. No one messaged.

So two days before the shoot I said screw it!

I went online and ordered 5 yards of each color of the rainbow in beautiful translucent chiffon.

The next morning I walked into the fabric store.

It was packed! There were at least ten older ladies waiting with arms full of fabric to be cut chatting away.

I pulled a ticket number and got behind them.

The kid behind the counter then called out, "42".

I looked at my ticket expecting to see 50 or 60.

The entire line got really quiet as they realized none of them had drawn a number.

I sheepishly smiled and got a sash cut to attach all of my chiffon to.

I am not skilled enough to make a dress so a sash it is.

I also picked up heat tape which just lets you iron fabric together because as you guessed it I also can't sew.

I got home and after Flynn went to bed that night I went to get all my supplies together.

No iron.

When had my iron disappeared? I don't know I'm a bad housewife!

So the next morning I borrowed an iron. 

I dropped Flynn off at Preschool.

I sat down on my living room floor and laid everything out.

I start pulling out all of the beautiful chiffon I ordered!

First the red, then orange, then yellow and then it went horribly wrong.

The next three colors I pulled out were not chiffon.

They were a thick, scratchy broad clothe I would not make a potato sack out of!

Ok I still had a few hours. I could do this! My session was not until the evening!

I ran to the store and cut 5 yards of each of the missing rainbow colors and drove home as fast as I could without getting a ticket.

I spread all 7 colors out in the order they were to be ironed onto the sash.

Then I reached for the sash.


The bag containing the sash and the heat tape was missing.

I swear it was right there on the floor next to the brand new iron all ready for me before I went to the fabric shop.

I searched EVERYWHERE for it!

By this time there is only an hour to go until the shoot and I still have to pack up my gear and drive out to the site.

I run to the cupboard where we keep gift wrap and pull out a Christmas holiday ribbon.

I then run downstairs to my husband's work desk and steal his stapler.

I line up the colors on the holiday sash and start stapling like a madman!

Half way through I run out of staples.

At this point I am pretty sure the gods are laughing at me.

My husband then comes home with a half hour to go and is treated with the sight of me running around opening draws and boxes looking for more staples!

He helps me find more, I staple staple staple and then grab my bag and run out the door to arrive for my session right on time.

I love the images we got.

I have used it twice already.

I will next week hire a seamstress to appropriately attach the material too a proper sash.

I also will never ever make another Pinterest project again!!!!!!





Mallory Callahan(non-registered)
I absolutely love you, Tree. Thank you for making me laugh and cry while reading this post. You are such a blessing! Thank you for capturing our double rainbow pregnancy. I can't believe you didn't share this story with me during our shoot!
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