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Go Wide!

July 31, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I do not do generational photos.

Let's face it they are not easy to do.

Trying to get everyone in a family in the same place and time, in color coordinated clothes and there are always one or two sick or ticked off members of the family.

But hey that's family right? LOL

Every once in a blue moon I get roped into shooting one.

No one wants to look at me.

As I am making a fool of myself to try to get the baby to smile everyone is looking at her and not me.

Numerous head swaps.

Yes everyone coordinated in grey and blue except for that one Uncle that showed up in a Metallica shirt.

Your child just got vaccinations and is running a temperature but you can't reschedule because it is a big group shot and the rest of your family would kill you.

The teenagers looked pi**ed and bored beyond believe.

I placed everyone perfectly and the second I raise the camera to my face your one Aunt ducks behind someone so all we see is her eyeball poking out from behind someone's head like a creeper.

Yup you feeling the love too?

But the ones you love get older and it becomes tougher and tougher to find a photo of them.

I do try to take the standard full length -let-me-see-your-pasty-white-knees group shot.

And I DETEST them.

What I do love more is a wide panoramic shot of the family.

It takes a little more time editing but I love the result so much more.

I take the individual family shots and merge them photoshop.

The photos of just the small family grouping are easier to control and often look so much better. 

More comfortable and intimate.

I take those shots and layer them next to each other in Photoshop. 

The photo below is 8 siblings with their families and Mom and Dad. The usual big group shot is just that...usual.

But the layered shot I adore.

Yes I had to take nine separate family groupings and merge them but it was worth it!

You see all of your loved ones face so much clearer. They look happier and more relaxed. 

It is not a normal print size but I am a photographer.

I can tell you exactly where to print it and how to frame it.

That's my job.

So the moral of the store is that for your loved ones photos don't be afraid to step outside the usual 8x10 print size.

Go WIDE or Go home!

Bayer Family 2017Bayer Family 2017 Bayer Family Edit 2017Bayer Family Edit 2017


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