Book It! Part One- Getting Started

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After dropping out of the wedding business I had started to write an ebook on all of my experiences in weddings.

It wrote itself very quickly.


Shooting the video tutorials and all of the images and editing to go with it never happened.

A year went by and it is just sitting on my laptop.

So I have decided to break it down by pages and post to my blog.

So here is the first installment at my failed attempt to be an author!

::Getting Started

I just went to a lighting class.

This was an advanced off camera lighting class. There were only eight of us in the room.

Three of the fellow photographers had never even turned on a flash.

They all said they were in the class to learn since they had several weddings coming up.

My heart stopped. 90% of weddings are shot in pitch black dark churches and reception halls. They cannot be reshot and are fast paced.

So what are you suppose to do? Not what I did.

Like the girls in class I just jumped in. Looking back at my first weddings makes me want to cringe. Yes someone actually paid me for them.

There are so many thing I should have been in command of and known that I did not in the beginning because I jumped in.

Shots I did not get. Moments I missed. 

Second and even third shoot for someone whose work you admire. Offer to carry gear, do it for little or no money.

Look at how they do everything from lighting to talking to the flower girl. 

The other thing you need to do. Practice, Practice, Practice!

I can’t tell you how many times I would learn something in a class or online and then not try it out until the day of a wedding and completely fail at it!

I would say you need at least a year of apprenticing with someone else.

How many jobs do you know of don’t require training before you go it alone. Wedding photography should not be any different.

Go online and message someone you admire offering to carry their gear in exchange for watching them do their thing!

There are many photography and wedding Facebook Forums geared to finding second shooters.

I will say that until your shooting skills are up to snuff do not market yourself as a second shooter. You are an assistant.

A second shooter can get the exposure right and does not need to be directed as much!

And may the Force Be With You!

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