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Book It! Part Two- Business Name

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What’s In A Name?


Business Name

Your business name says it all.

Lots of photographers use their names for their business and just add photography onto the end.

It does make it easy to figure out.

If your name is really long or difficult for people to spell, it will also make it tough on the design aspect of things.

I’ve tried to Goggle some of my favorite photographers and it is impossible to find them because I am a bad speller.

I see female photographers who are not married yet but know they will be in the future and will be changing their last name. They will use their first name and their middle name instead. 

I started off as Captured By Tree.

I had it for several years and then noticed that almost every beginning photographer does that. It was not original and it was boring and amateur. 

One of my brides was a graphic designer.

I hired her and her coworker for $1000 to make me a logo and a new website.

She talked to me, had me make a mood board, asked questions and brought me three drafts of new logos.

First she pitched me the new name “Tree Snap”.  I loved it.

She showed me the logos. I liked them, they were all well done but I looked over at her sketch pad and she had doodled the new business name in a font that remind me of one of my favorite Shel Silverstein books. I said, “That! That is it!” and my new logo was born. 

Test market your new name.

More then likely your family will will hate it, your friends will all love it, but in this day and age you can post to Facebook and ask a populace.
Not everyone will love it, but try to run it by people that are you are in the demographic you are trying to reach. For weddings that is usually couples that are between the ages of 21 to 35 and see if it appeals to them. 

Is the font hard to read? Is the logo tough to fit on a business card? Will it age well or is it too trendy?

On that note, in a few years you may need to rebrand.

Your business changes, you change, the way you shoot changes, so why not throw a party and rebrand yourself!

Google the name. Make sure it is not in use already.

When Googled see what it is associated with, is it possible inappropriate subjects may turn up when Googled?

I had some friends go into business and open a studio space.

They were hip, young photographers with excellent work.

They named their studio Stables.

When we tried to Google their studio to get the address for their "house" warming you can guess what we came up with instead.

That being said you will have to register your business name. Are you going to copyright it? here is a link to help:


Choose wisely!

Some helpful sites:



PS- Below is one of my favorite wedding shots! It is so rare when you get to shoot the first kiss from the opposite side with the guests behind them!

KM Wedding-971KM Wedding-971



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