Cross The T's and DOT the I's

September 05, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

So Dorothy or Dottie if you will, has a lot to live up to.

I mean come on. Her older sister is Deborah.

Or Little Debbie if you prefer. Which I do for the obvious reasons.

Little Debbie is a pistol. Keeps me laughing, on my toes and is a big personality in a small package.

They are opposites.

Little Debbie with her dance movies and command of a room at such a small age ran away with my heart.

I tell my clients all the time, "Yes it is trying but trust me this is what you want. No one will steam roll over her. She will rule the world with a moose by her side."

Well you get the idea.

Along comes Dottie.

How on earth can you compare the two?

You can't I've come to find.

Yes Debbie will rule the world but Dottie will be the one to master it.

She glows.

Quieter, dare I say meeker?

She is only one but you see her paying attention to the small details before she reacts.

So how does the quieter little sister do when it comes to smashing a cake?

It does not go how most parents hope with cake flung to the high heavens.

No not even close.

Happy, smiling Dottie is set in front of the cake, looks up with a grin and then precedes to push every polka dot on her smash cake like it is a button.

She does not miss one!

Each and every polka dot is pressed slowly and precisely deep into the cake until they have all disappeared.

I have to say for a cake smash it is a first for me LOL.

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