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Nobody Gets Outta Hear Without Singin The Blues

July 02, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I am not the person one calls when they need a babysitter.

Everything that makes me good at my job makes me a horrible babysitter.

The candy coated, jet fueled, mud covered, flying off the furniture with a goose egg on their forehead does not inspire comfort in parents.

So no one asks me.....ever.

It was a first and kind of scary proposition I put to my client.

"So Liz why don't you just drop Toby off at my house and I will shoot his two year photos and you and Tom can go have dinner and come back and get him?"

I should say I have known them awhile. This is not common studio practice.

It was all inspired by damn Pinterest.

I ran across this photo of a little boy with a sword playing in a clothesline with the shadow of a dragon on one of the sheets.

That was it! Use my laundry and give him a sword in my backyard.

Walk across the street to Walnut Grove and lay in the clover.  

Then bubbles because come on BUBBLES!

Then watermelon because his mother loves Fourth of July.

Then finish with a ship on the pond at the park!

It was planned out, simple, easy and entirely NOT what happened.

Tom and Liz dropped off their first born child to me.

I was lucky Toby trusts me and didn't run screaming down the street after his parents.

He wasn't quite sure at first.

He didn't want to go to the park. He wanted to stay in my yard.

OK! I'll just make the background blurry with my lens. No one has to see my yard!

I brought out the bubbles.

The beautiful light with bubbles swirling around him and ..... skunk face.

He didn't want bubbles.

Ok! Give him watermelon! All kids love watermelon!

I cut up the triangles and sat them in the grass. Picture perfect.

Toby took one look at them and actually turned to me and said, "I got this."

He then proceeded to pick up each triangle delicately so as not to get messy and stack then neatly and perfectly back in to the Tupperware container.

Soooooo hmmmmm. Not quite what I had in mind.

We were no where near the water but he loved dragging the ship back and forth across my grass so C'est la vie. 

What he did find was a frisbee.

His face lit up. He was a natural.

Then I remembered several years ago taking his parents' engagement photos and playing frisbee golf! 

Ok then! Tom and Liz won't think frisbee photos are weird let's do this!

By the time Toby's parents came back he was literally rolling in the grass laughing.

If you have kept score so far you would have seen that I actually got none of the shots I intended to, except for the laundry shot.

When I showed him he could run through the clothes line like a matador cape he LOVED it!

One catch. He didn't want a sword. He found my son's Harry Potter wand.

We went with it. 

Instead of a knight slaying a dragon we now have a wizard slaying a basilisk.

And we all lived Happily Ever After.

The End

PS. Since half my clients are young pups the title is a reference to Adventures In Babysitting which you need to go find and watch immediately!

Toby BasiliskToby Basilisk





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