It Takes 7 Years!!!

July 02, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

For those of you that love the Harrison Ford version of Sabrina as much as I do the blog title was said in the Maid's voice.

For quite a few years now I post a bucket list for sessions I have been dying to do. 

I have been wanting to shoot a session in the Arts Center. 

No one has taken me up on it.

In the form of bellydancing, couples, headshots etc.

You name it I have been trying to talk someone into it.

I posted earlier this year about wanting to do a yoga belly bump session.

No takers.

Then through the Facebook grapevine I saw that Alyssa was pregnant.

I had so much fun shooting Alyssa and Jon's wedding I reached out to the couple to fulfill two long time bucket list wishes at once!

I would finally get to shoot in the Arts Center and do a Yoga belly bump session!

The light streaming in from the skylights was just as gorgeous as my glowing couple!

I was running late to the session. Not sure of my gear, the clothes, the poses but the second they showed up none of that mattered.

It was easy. Just move. Just talk. 

I can't not wait for their little one to arrive!

There is so much love for this baby already that I feel she will be truly blessed!

Thank you Alyssa and Jon! I will be seeing you again soon!

Link to image HERE!

Alyssa Belly Bump-127Alyssa Belly Bump-127



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