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Where The Wild Things Are!

July 10, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I have been doing very simple live bunny sessions for a few years now.

EVERY time I do these sessions all of the older kids and adults comment that they are jealous.

They want to play with the bunnies and get their photo taken.

I always tell them they are welcome to, but they feel too old.

With that in mind I came up my Wild Things Sessions!

These are for older kids and adults!

Animals ranging from tarantulas and alligators to porcupines and boa constrictors!

Here is what a session is like.

It is a one hour long group session of 6 to 7 people.

We take one animal out at a time a photograph with them!

Everyone gets a turn. 

You do not have to photograph with every animal!

If you don't want a tarantula on your head that is just fine!

We use continuous lights with no flash for the animals comfort.

We have an expert on hand that shows you how to handle the animals and is wonderful to work with.

You will get to pet and feed the animals and make some wonderful memories which make amazing photos!

As far as what to wear anything goes!

I do try to say no logos since it is distracting.

Want to go all out in vibrant makeup and feather cape? Let's do it!

Want to just wear your jeans and a T shirt and be comfortable that is awesome too!

If you wish to change clothes you may do so while another member of the group is being photographed.

You receive all images in an online gallery edited and ready to download!

I will say this it was amazing to see who gravitated to which animal.

As the session went on and people got bolder I was able to get people cuddling with alligators and letting snakes kiss them!

It is definitely a one of a kind photo shoot!

Message me for details and days!

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