Leader of The Pack

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Chris is a long time family friend.

I don't often get guys that contact me.

For headshots yes but to book a surprise session for their SO, Not often enough.

I drove out to his house outside of town.

It sits on a dirt road surrounded by hilly fields.

We are definitely shooting at his place because there are family members that do not travel well.

3 Large but Lovable Puppies who need hugs and attention! LOL

Enter Haak.

He is not that big. Dark hair, slender reed of a boy but he definitely makes up for it with big personality.

The imagination on this kid!

He did don a cowboy out at one point LOL!

How was this little boy going to stand up to 3 large dogs?

The answer?

He didn't have to.

They accepted him as one of the pack.

It was amazing to watch.

As the adults talked I watched Haak and his "brothers" roam over the hill. Criss crossing, running, jumping, rolling down the hill together as one unit.

It made me think every kid needs a dog! LOL

“…he will be our friend for always and always and always.” – Rudyard Kipling

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