Let Them Eat..........

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Who doesn't love it right?????

Some men.....stay away from those ones.

Diabetics. Wise move.

Bakers.......cause you can actually get too much of a good thing.

And 1 year olds.


You are going to call me crazy but let me save you the experience of being disappointed.

When you come in for a cake smash some kids will dive in and devour,

some will actually just smash it and smear it everywhere,

most will freak out by the strange texture and overly sweet taste because they have never had something like that in their short young lives.

If you are dead set on cake we will do it.

I can not tell you how many times I have seen parents get frustrated smash their child's hand into the cake where said child then freaks out crying and runs to them to be hugged smearing frosting all over them.

You don't have to eat cake.

Applesauce, pancakes, cereal, ice cream, strawberries....

What is their favorite food?

Exhibit A


Not big on sweets.

Mom told me she LOVES waffles!

So instead of cake on the stand went four big, golden waffles.

I topped with whip cream and a sprinkling of raspberries.

I sat in front of the stand and the first five minutes she spent daintily picking off all the raspberries and eating them.

We then showed her that the whip cream was edible.

She hated it.

Hated it so much that the top waffle got flung off to the side.

Then she just stared at the stand.

There was one thing I forgot.

Evelyn only knew waffles as small flat discs the size of her hand. She was use to Lego my Eggo.

Well after careful examination dainty Evelyn realized what they were, picked them up with both hands and started to tear into them, with a slight growl and murmurs of yum.

It was hilarious.

So for your little ones' one year photos. Think about what will make them happy and we will make it fun!

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