Chug Chug Chug Chug

January 09, 2018  •  Leave a Comment


My lush month.

No not the organic cosmetic line.

LUSH as in crazy soft blankets and throws with naked women on them while I slowly become a lush guzzling champagne.


I drink more in January then I do all other 11 months of the year combined.

Why you say?

I can't let my clients drink ALONE!!!!!

Being in front of a camera is scary enough.

Then to be asked to strip naked and look sexy!


I can't even look sexy when I am trying to be! Seriously have no idea how I landed my husband.


I have some women that do it for their Anniversary, Morning of the Wedding Present, SO's Birthday.

I have a few women that come in just for themselves and come back every year to party and document their strength, beauty and yes booty.

So yes we may drink a little much (thank you so much to the client that introduced me to Root Beer Vodka with Vanilla Ice Cream scooped in it!).

We may turn up the music way to loud.

We may get naked or just put on that sexy little black dress.

The one thing I can guarantee is that I will be just as awkward with you! LOL




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