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I was sitting in a coffeeshop, ease dropping on the table next to me as usual.

It was a lovely young woman and her friend hunched over her laptop.

She spoke out loud as she was typing.

Strong passion for what I do.

Happy, Loyal, Fun

I see the world a little differently and love sharing that vision.

As she went on typing I realized she was on a dating site, but not at first.

My first thought was she's a photographer typing out her About Me Page for her website.

Then it hit me.

That is just what the About Me Page is.

In a world of thousands of photographers at your fingertips to chose from I had the image in my head of the average client on their phone "swiping" left through us all.

So I went and spent an hour ogling other photographer's About Me Pages.

It was scary how many of them were similar. I have a passion for my job and drink a lot of coffee.

There were not very many that I felt a connection with. So I kept swiping.

Then there were some that struck a cord with me: Gia Canali, Aralani, Zielecki

So my new year resolution is to write a kick a** About Me page that will make you want to swipe right!

If you want to help share a thought, memory, idea or feeling you think About ME!

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