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So here's a story for ya!

In my world STD usually stands for Save The Date.

Not this week!

Many of my clients are use to me babbling during sessions and have heard the story of my little mutant.

Flynn has a genetic mutation that cause not only missing teeth but they are shaped in sharp points like shark teeth.

Two of his front teeth are also missing which bring his long incisors to the front.

It really does add to the whole creepy leprechaun look.

Well my little mutant starts kindergarten in the fall.

We took him for his check up at the doctor's office.

Got his shots, eyes checked, ears checked. One healthy little boy.

I brought home his paperwork that I would have to give to the school.

I never read it. I was there. I know what it says.

As I tossed the papers on the table I noticed that under teeth it had a term I had not seen before.


At that moment my little sister called me.

"Hey Tree I have a friend whose child might have the same thing as Flynn. What is it called?"

I have never been able to pronounce the long a** name that his dentist calls it. So I figured Hutchinsons must be the short name for it since it was on his medical file.

"uh Tina it's called Hutchinsons."

A day goes by and my sister calls me back.

"uh Tree do you wanna talk?"

"Sure."   Eye roll we talk every morning.

"So you're ok?"

"Yeah why what's up?"

"Well it's just this whole Hutchinsons thing."

"Tina it's no big deal Flynn will need braces when he's older."

"Well the whole syphilis thing."

WAIT WHAT!!!!!!!!

I typed in Hutchinsons as fast as I could.

Turns out it is a teeth mutation also.................but it is caused by your mother having syphilis.

I called my dentist got the correct name and spelling for Flynn's mutation and have never driven to the doctor's office so fast.

I tried to keep my voice low why explaining at the front desk surrounded by waiting kids with their parents that yes indeed I did not have syphilis, never have, and there was a mistake on the chart.

My husband called me on my way home.

"So did you get your syphilis taken care of."

"Har har har very funny. Wait aren't you at the office? You turn around right now and tell all of your coworkers I do not have syphilis!!!"

I have a feeling that I have many years of bad jokes to come.

Flynn Imp-17Flynn Imp-17





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