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I usually am pretty proud of my little slideshows.

I can take a 15 hour day of shooting a wedding, condense it down to 3 minutes and feel like I captured it.

This is the first time I can truly say my slideshow is a lie.

I stopped shooting births since my daughter moved out of the house.

I can no longer just pack up and leave in the middle of the night and not have to worry about someone watching Flynn.

But when certain clients call you just say yes.

I had shot Brooke's Engagement, Wedding, 3 Maternity and Five Years of kids growing.

Oh and also the Births of her two other children.

So I can't say no right?

And start this third baby off with last child syndrome? No way! LOL

I watch the slideshow from last Thursday's events and it looks just like her other two children's slideshows.

Nervous waiting, Price Is Right, Pushing, Baby, Bath, Snuggles, Family.

Except I feel like it is a lie.

I have shot quite a few births, as well as having done it twice myself.

There was so much more going on then in the photos and it is not my story to tell.

I will just say this.

After witnessing Brooke's third child born I am convinced that not only is she Super Woman but that she is far stronger then I will ever be.

That she could quit possibly do Iron Man and Ninja Warrior at the same time and still come out the other side smiling and with her hair looking great.

To the beautiful little Fallon Gloria Hughes who I had privilege of documenting entering this world WELCOME!

You are already so loved!

In fact I am not sure your big sister has stopped hugging you yet and I know you have a Momma that will fight for you!


Fallon Birth-243Fallon Birth-243 Fallon Birth-375 copyFallon Birth-375 copy Fallon Birth-458Fallon Birth-458


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