Time Of Your Life!

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Ok most people have never had to put together a timeline much less one for your big day.

This is why I love to help!


There are so many things that couples forget about.

Don't be afraid to ask for my help making one!


Things that are usually forgotten when making a timeline:

Sunset, travel times, receiving lines, corsets take a half hour to get into, big extended family photos take time, lunch just to name a few items.


Your wedding time is set and no matter what you have to be hidden the hour before the ceremony because guests arrive. 

After that we determine if you are doing a first look.

Family photos before or after the wedding? Does the venue allow family photos before or after?

A Family Photo List so your photog can help determine how long it will take.

Extended Family Photos? Should they be done with family or at the reception?


Receiving Line? Half hour

Travel Time to Venues?

Lunch and food times so that you aren't starving by the time you get to dinner!

When making timelines you do want to leave cushioning. Hair and Makeup artist like to take their time and do a good job, it almost always runs over.


After you have finished this timeline it is important that you share it the bridal party and family so they know where to be.

How many times are you going to get everyone assembled for the big extended family photos and you’ll hear, “Oh Uncle Jerry left for the reception already he didn’t know we were doing photos after the ceremony."

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