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Engagement Sessions are a great way for my couples to get to know me and my style before the big day!


When to shoot?

I usually try to shoot at least six months or farther away from the big day. More craziness and work happens as the big day gets closer.

Also it will make it a different season from your big day giving your engagement photos a different feel from your wedding ones.

Sessions usually take about an hour. We try to shoot during golden hours after sunrise and before sunset.


What to wear?

Matching color palettes not matching clothes!

Two outfits tops! If you don't like car camping style of changing clothes just go with one outfit with a cute scarf or jacket to take on and off for a different look!

Bring flats for walking so you don't wear out heels!


Where to shoot?

Depends on the look you are going for. Fields, forests, urban streets.

Or maybe you want to go with a theme? Reading at home, rollerskating, coffeeshop, place they proposed.

Basing your session off of something you two love to do will help you be more natural in front of the camera!

Make a Pinboard. If you notice that everything you pin is in a garden environment then maybe we should look for a garden spot.


What to bring?

Depends on the time of year but the basics are usually blankets and bug spray. I carry both of these in my car though. Also hairspray and touch up makeup.

Fur babies are welcome! If we do shoot with your fur baby I usually encourage you to bring a friend to help handle them with treats and walk them around as we shoot the two of you.


As always Love Your Beautiful Faces!

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