Music To My Ears

May 09, 2018  •  1 Comment

Winter is Strong.

Winter is Beautiful.

Winter is Fearless.

Winter is also the slender reed of a girl I have been photographing since she was one.

At the moment I am trying not to get whacked in the face by branches as she leads the way through the park.

She has spotted a part of the park she wants to photograph in.

So of course I listen to the seven year old on where to shoot.

She is really the one running the show. Not me.

As she plows on ahead through the thorny brush she starts humming.

Hmmmm I know that from somewhere.

After a minute she starts scatting.


For those of you that don't know Scat is like a crazy mix of onomatopoeia vocalized that sounds like it's own instrument. Think Louie Armstrong.

As I'm listening it hits me like a flash to my childhood.

I had that album.

I turn to her mother.

"Who taught her the scat to Minnie The Moocher?!!!!!"

Her Mom laughed, "Well she has an awesome music teacher."


I would like to thank her music teacher Mrs. English, 

for making my heart happy in the knowledge that out there is a little will of the wisp of a girl singing Cab Calloway instead of Kid's Bop.

Winter 7yr-121Winter 7yr-121


Love it! I was honestly just talking to my husband not two minutes ago about how my daughter's music teacher is teaching her in kindergarten much more than I ever learned about music.
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