SURPRISE!!!! Well Kinda!

May 17, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Elijah contacted me two months ago well before Mother's Day.

"Tree do you think I can purchase a session for Emmy and Eden? What do you think she would like?"

He was going to keep it a surprise but some women want to actually prepare for these things. LOL

So after a day of pampering Emmy and Eden spent part of their Saturday in a field with me.

Singing, having tea and cookies and slightly praying the heavens didn't open up and drench us.

Eden is at one of the tougher ages to shoot.

18 month olds do not stop moving and aren't old enough to follow directives for long.

But with a shoot like this it doesn't matter.

The only thing you are trying to capture is the relationship between Mother and Daughter and how they interact.

I am not trying to get her sitting in a chair, looking straight at the camera and smiling.


I got something much better.

Her plucking dandelions and giving them to Mom.

Finding out Mom is wearing jewelry and trying to take it.

Walking down the path and exploring while still being safe and holding Mom's hand.

Making Mom think she was going to share a bite of her cookie and changing her mind and popping it all in her mouth at the last minute.

Why do I love these sessions so much?

Because Mom's are usually the ones taking the photos.

If they are even in the picture it is usually an arms length selfie that does not do them or their connection with their child justice.

So Significant Others out their take notice.

This is not just for Mother's Day.

This is year round love that needs to be captured.

Mommy & Me 2018-2Mommy & Me 2018-2


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